A thread about Cinema Paradiso in 2017 (LOVEFiLM)

Has anybody tried Mubi? Quite like the idea of having a limited number of films to watch and they’ve got a lot of Bergman on at the mo.

i’ve been on and off it a few times. it’s decent but definitely seems to go in waves of good stuff and then seems like it’s rubs for ages. at first i found that a lot of the films weren’t in HD but that doesn’t seem to be the case as much anymore. can’t moan for 30 films a month for 5 squid though.

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Thanks man. Sounds like it’s worth a trial at the very least.

Do they still do videogames too? That was the huge draw for me, also had a lot more choice than what was available on streaming services, which as far as I can tell are all absolutely wank for any films pre 2000.

What do you stream and watch with? I feel like the stuff built into my YouView and the NowTV box works far better than using my laptop.

That said, I am not fussed about HD. I definitely see the lack of smooth colour transitions in some scenes on NowTV SD and smokey/misty stuff is always a nightmare. That said, I used to note that on DVD some times.

The worst was when you watched a DVD on your computer and you realised how much they relied on you using a CRT to watch it. Recall The Matrix had some horrendous edge enhancement and artefacting around bits of the SFX.

yeah personally find netflix’s selection to be abysmal, and obvious you can ‘rent’ streams on amazon but £4-5 quid to rent a stream is outrageous

just through my tv, mostly netflix or amazon. was watching a film the other night and the subtitles were about 2 seconds ahead of the dialogue and it was doing my head in. plus the compression is just too much on a lot of streams. brightly lit or exterior stuff is fine, but someone creeping around in a darkened house is just a mess of pixels.

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Another vote for Cinema Paradiso here, still like getting the DVDs.

Netflix’s draw is the “Originals” stuff, which in fairness is much better than Amazon’s equivalent. If you’re in it for the films, then it’s not very good at all.

Amazon were running a deal last week (might still be) where Prime members could from a small selection of stuff that was in the cinemas earlier this year (Logan, Get Out, Lego Batman, Sing, some other stuff) for £1,99. Actually a price I was willing to try a couple of films I’d otherwise have waited years for at.

yeah we mainly have it for the US shows the tv watches, but i do enjoy some of their true crime docs, etc. still, every time i fancy a film i will spend 20 minutes browsing through it to not find anything.

m9, what games you got for the playstation?

i don’t actually have any :joy: i bought it for us for christmas coz we both wanted ti play FFXV but it was garbage so i sold it. gonna get around to RE7 at some point but i don’t really like modern gaming


I just buy films I want to see on iTunes nowadays, probably works out cheaper as I don’t watch many films.

was jazzed about the last guardian too but then the reviews were really lukewarm, will play it eventually

Maybe you’d like Bloodborne? has quite an old school feel to it. Last of us is supposed to be great too (gonna start that maybe 2nite).

watched the wife play most of the last of us, looked like everything i hate about modern gaming

would you classify resident evil 4 as modern gaming?

yeah it’s sort of the beginning of that i guess, although i did play 4 and enjoy it but it’s not a patch on RE1 + 2 for me.


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