A thread about doorbells


Need a doorbell, don’t want to fuck around getting it working. What doorbell have you got? Ever installed your own doorbell? What’s your chime, mate?




Don’t have one.

Will probably get one when we replace the front door.

I want one where you can take the speaker (?) or whatever into the kitchen or back garden with you. Or something.


I just want one where I can tell that there is someone at the door mainly


We have this. We chose the tone (hi Tone!) that goes BONG!:bell:

We never hear it, but the dog does.


have a buzzer, not really a doorbell though is it?


This seems like a negative review to me?


Would bloody love a buzzer mate but that sounds like a whole thing




Got a doorbell. It doesn’t work. Can’t be arsed sorting it out as knocking is fine.

This is not the thread for me.


Get the fuck out.


What about a big bell?

(I am not a big bell before anyone says it)


when you gonna ring it when you gonna ring it?


Aye we’ve got a buzzer. It’s too fucking loud though.


Don’t worry, I’m gone


We could use the one from the Elizabeth Tower while it is out of action?


i was going to start a thread called “big bell end” about how they’re switching off big ben’s big bells but didn’t bother in the end


Doesn’t fucking look like it, friend


Big Ben IS the big bell you big bellend


once lived in a flat that had a variable volume buzzer, what a treat that was.