A thread about good journalism?!

Feel like journalism is a pwoper, admirable profession when it’s done right but also one of those things you only really hear about when someone’s been a wrongun.

Got any favourites? Any unsung heroes you’d like to draw attention to? AOB?


I watched Spotlight for the first time the other night, was pretty good, illustrates how much good journalism is based on tedious hard work, unpleasant social interactions and an unhealthy personal life, which is presumably why there is so little of it. As a former local newspaper reporter, I honestly think the British press is largely beyond saving, the current state of the newspaper press works against actual good journalism. Probably the best stuff is being done by freelance filmmakers tbh


oh yeah i do enjoy those types of things. i read woodward and bernstein’s book and the film is great as well.

See I thought the book was deathly dull because the process of reporting a story like that is intensely boring, should try and watch the film though I’m sure it’s jazzed up a little

There were 2 well written pieces in Wired about The Silk Road that have been taken down. Gits, might be something to do with The Coen Brothers trying to write a script about it.

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thought you enjoyed tedious hard work they have to go through?! make up your mind!

Would have been a good zero reply thread


(not that I don’t respect the age-old profession of Journalism)

I appreciate them doing it, I don’t necessarily enjoy following it blow for blow

NSFW but this is an excellent article:

Also a big fan of journalists who spend significant time and effort researching really banal stories


finally a place to post this

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I don’t really know what it’s for anymore

i really enjoyed these articles


I’ve just watched a video of the rescue one

and noticed, as you may be able to see, that the thumbnail of the next video on the list contains a man who looks a bit like the footballer John Aldridge.

Seemed worth mentioning

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Been meaning to watch Spotlight for donkeys. Thanks for bigging it uuuup

It was on at like 11pm, I had no intention of watching then by half midnight I was like fuck, I’m in it for the long haul now

It’s on iplayer now for 30 days now. Hoping I dont put it off for ages.

It’s really good, without doing anything spectacular. Really well done, and let’s the story do the work. Well worth a watch

The Tip Off is a great UK podcast about excellent investigative journalism. I’ve read some great stuff off the back of it.

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