A thread about peanut butter

Not sure we’ve had a dedicated peanut butter thread before, though there’s been plenty of peany bee chat elsewhere (sweet or savoury! aggy pee’s “try it with cheese on toast, mate”). So here we are.

What you rocking?

Large tubs of Pip and Nut appear to be my staple but I’m also enjoying this loads:


Now you please.

(inb4 thewarn or someone says “I make my own”)


Whole earth. Crunchy (obvs, I’m not an actual baby)

Eat fucking loads of the stuff


Same. Literally dollop it everywhere. And straight outta the jar.


This cunt


Started squizzing a bit of sriracha on peany b on toast recently.

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I do this nearly every day for lunch

A good pean butts hack is to put it on slices of apple as a delicious and filling snack. Apples but hacked.


Carrot also works if you don’t have any apples in.

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This. But in a cheese sandwich. :drooling_face:

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This is lingering in the back of the fridge (!)

Don’t eat peanut butter very often.

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peanut butter should in no circumstances be refridgerated


Someone on my patisserie course keeps making PB creme pat for eclairs and making the room smell like a cinema.


We’ve been stocking some smooth PB for the toddler. Goes against everything I stand for but isn’t as bad as I imagined.

Started making my own nut butter recently

Dunno what type we get in… Just… yknow… THE peanut butter.

Sunpat! Went and checked.

Save it for Thursday!


Whole Earth crunchy for eating, inexpensive smooth for smoothies.

We have Skippy at home. When it was a bit short over lockdown I got some M&S peanut butter from the garage, and that was great.

Best stuff I’ve had was a brand that everyone had in Australia - any idea what that could be @1101010 ?

  • This is correct
  • Fridge is fine

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Can’t wait to hear you say it TWELVE FUCKING MINUTES IN when they finally get round to the fucking point of the fucking show.