A Thread About Serbia And How They Are Doing In The Soccer World Cup 2018

Here are some players who play football for Serbia


Look at their little faces! Probably happy that they don’t have to play 3-4-3 anymore, am I right?

If anyone has any questions or requests, please direct them at me or @anon5266188.


Are you going to buy a Serbia shirt, friend?

Got serbia in the sweepstakes at work

I dunno, looks very expensive on Sports Direct.

Was thinking about just getting a custom one printed, would be twenty pounds cheaper too.

Do you want in?


That’s pretty good, might get this instead:



Nice! I don’t think I’m cool enough to wear a t-shirt with a “the dab” on though.

I’ll try and find a “flossing” equivalent on accounts of how you meant “too cool” for the dabbing one.



Serbia will kick off their campaign against Costa Rica on 17/06/2018 at 1300 - A perfect Sunday afternoon treat!

I’m hoping to see the following lineup and formation:

----------------------- Rajkovic -----------------------
Ivanovic – Nastasic – Makisimovic – Kolarov
--------------- Matic ------ Milivojevic ---------------
Tadic ----------------- Savic ----------------- Ljajic
----------------------- Mitrovic -----------------------

Thoughts @ma0sm? Certainly an argument to start Savic from deeper against Brazil but no reason they can’t really go for it against Switzerland and Costa Rica eh?

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where’s ljajic now and is he any good? that whole business was very odd wasn’t it

I guess this is one more for @ma0sm but I welcome your thoughts too tone

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Torino and yeah, he’s decent. We handled that whole situation horrendously.

Switzerland and Costa Rica are pieces of shit who don’t stand a chance against the mighty Serbia, but it’ll be a good warm up for them to be ready to put 5 on Brazil.

Смрт свим противницима!

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I’m gonna need a first name too chief.

Do ‘we’ (as in me and you @anon5266188) now refer to Serbia as ‘we’? Is that how this works?

Yeah, that’s how it works for sure. “We” are together and together “we” are strong.

(Заједно имамо снагу од хиљаду лавова)


I will be following Serbia closely, mainly due to Luka Milivojević being one of my favourite ever Palace players already.

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Great player, great smile.



This but Mitrovic.

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