A thread about switches

Love some Bakelite old school switches:

If I could I would replace all my light switches with these. So satisfying. Remember my primary school having them.

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There’s definitely something really satisfying about the click you get from them, if I’m thinking of the right kind of switch

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I mean, it is Thursday…


I was just listening to an erotic story called switch, but the recording stopped halfway through. Can’t tell if this is an immersive denial experience or upload error.

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You are indeed. So good.

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Is that like where somebody puts their finger on an old bakelite light switch and keeps on going to click the switch but doesn’t do so?

Used to be a sub but now I’m a switch and I think it’s because of how bad the world’s gotten.

Would frustrate as much tbh.

Never know why we modernised and got boring switches with no satisfaction to them.

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