A thread about the city of Porto

Going there week after next for Paredes de Coura festival and will have a few days knocking about the city on my own beforehand.

Gis your recs. Particularly interested in port tasting and nice veggie food.

Brasão Cervejaria Coliseu Baixa Is great. Can book a table too to avoid queues.

And you can get veggie Francesinha a few places (including above).

Head over the river for all the port bars in the world or if you have a full day get a train to the douro valley at the actual vineyards.


The metro runs on rubber tires according to Millers


Ooh nice, day at the vineyards sounds like an excellent shout

This is absolutely fucking useless information Ant

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Don’t blame me! Blame Millers!


A pal, and formally of this parish, posted this reliable list a few years back.

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it’s nice. can’t really remember what we did. went up a tower of some kind.

went with a vegetarian and the options seemed pretty quite bad in general but we might have just picked bad restaurants for every meal we had

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Mark Kozelek has sung about this city


mon down, I’ll get the schooners in

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who? :wink:

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Went wandering around the Ouro neighbourhood and got a knife pulled on me while I had €500 in cash in my wallet. I just ducked behind the lad and legged it.

(That happened on my first day there. Absolutely loved the city otherwise, bar the francesinhas.)

Oh fuck! :open_mouth: Fair play getting out of that man, and great to hear it didn’t put you off!

lol at you and mwt having very different opinions on francesinhas! :smiley:

I was very lucky that I was fit after playing three games of football a week for the previous two years. Don’t go wandering around there!

I think I just got unlucky with the francesinha I had, others reported better things. Would recommend walking across the Luís I Bridge if you’re going to the port warehouses. Being able to see through the metal plates on the bridge to the water below was bananas!


There are some good bridges there


I hope you like walking up steep cobbled slopes

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How do people think it compares to Lisbon Thinking about going. How’s it better, or worse, or just different?

Not a lot to dislike about Lisbon. Always feels like you’re walking up a bloody hill, though. Probably my only real beef with the place.

If you liked Lisbon you’ll like Porto. Very pretty, cheap alcohol, plenty of cool bits and pieces to see (some street art, food halls etc). Has a slightly different vibe to Lisbon - maybe feels more like a big chilled out town rather than a city. I think we went in November though, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I think there’s some trips you can do up river if you want to. Depending on how long yr staying it might be worth a go.

The JK Rowling bookshop is shite though, don’t bother with that.

Smaller, more manageable. Is in a valley so can still be a bit hilly.