A thread about the new Julie Byrne album

Getting some good feels from this; a really sedate and aquatic feel to the guitars and she’s got a lovely voice. Not a ton of variety across all the songs, but it doesn’t tarnish it to me. There are some similarities to Grouper…but it reminds me most of Tiny Vipers actually.

this is very good

Only listened to it once through but definitely with you on the sedate feel. The first album had a bit more vary in style and sound whilst this could almost be one half hour piece; which isn’t really a bad thing! Both of her albums are perfect to work to.

I’m not familiar with Tiny Vipers, will have to check them out!

Really like her first album but haven’t heard this yet.

Now I need to check out Tiny Vipers as well…

Absolutely excellent. Thanks for the tip.

also @zanimos Tiny Vipers (Jesy Fortino) haven’t released anything for years but still check out Life on Earth. Her collab album with Grouper (under Mirroring) is also worth a listen.

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Will source it out and report back - cheers!

Thanks - love Grouper.

Playing this album to death

This is so good. More engaging than Grouper for me.

This has been my most listened to album of the month so far, really beautiful. Went back to listen to her debut too and can definitely hear the Grouper influence there. Like the rest of the thread will also be checking out Tiny Vipers.

Some great lyrics too and lines that really jump out at you

I think I’d be perfectly content if come December I decide that nothing better was released in 2017. It’s pretty much perfect.


Rapidly coming to the same opinion. Already eclipses anything from last year. Don’t even mind the short running time.

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Love this album. Really, really love it. Just as I was starting to listen to less folky/alt-country stuff, this and the Courtney Marie Andrews album have sucked me right back in. Both albums are gorgeous.

Listening to this after half a bottle of wine. It’s so so beautiful. Bump in case anyone missed it.


Still up there for AOTY for me. And she was stunning at Green Man. Wonderful stuff all round.

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Think she’s gonna be my number 2. But also top 10 of the decade. Goooood year.

Yeah still a strong favourite of mine…she just nails the atmosphere perfectly. Keep coming back to it and it stands above all but a very few releases this year.

Some people think it’s dull but whatever

Was a real shame her EOTR set was beset with sound issues.


Yep, it’s a keeper. Timeless.

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Listened to this album every week since it came out. I was lucky enough to meet her in Totnes, discuss the album and then see her play a live set in a candlelit church. They turned every light off for ‘I Live Now As a Singer’ at the end.

I think it’s my AOTY.