A thread about the placement of butter within a sandwich

Hello all. Was at work this weekend and was having a conversation with another adult human colleague over lunch. She was eating a crisp sandwich and told me that she had buttered both the bottom of the bun (beneath the crisps) and the top of the bun (above the crisps.) How do we feel about that? I’d never considered buttering above the sandwich filling but she insisted this was routine behaviour and the norm when making sandwiches.
So, points of discussion:

  1. Crisp sandwiches as packed lunch.
  2. Double buttered bread.

She’s absolutely correct.


Crisp sandwiches are amazing as well, and should be encouraged at all times.


Dunno, not really into butter. Or crisps. Or joy.


Get her to post on here please.

Of course you butter both pieces of bread

what madness is this?


Buttering both sides is… the standard, right??

If you DO butter one side then it has to be the top.

I’m confused.

Butter both slices: yes
Butter both sides: no

  • Of course I butter both slices of bread, why wouldn’t you?
  • I’m a monster and only butter one slice.
  • No butter for me thanks.

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You know what I meant!

Although I did encounter someone once who when making a cheese toastie butters all 4 sides. So inside and outside. This struck me as overkill - outside only.

I made a thread about this on the old board. There was some bullshit piece on the One Show or something where some celeb went to a fancy hotel to learn how they made high tea, and when they made their sandwiches, she was like “Hang on, you butter BOTH pieces of bread”, and they were like, “Yeah, of course, what kind of werido are you”.

To sum up; you’re a weirdo.

Outside only on a toastie is correct, agreed.


Roy Choi’s method for grilled cheese involves buttering and then lightly frying the outside of the sandwich.

I’d stick with his method:

i sometimes think about how when i was a kid my parents used to only butter one slice of the bread (the bottom), but they dont do that any more. think its coz we were poor af when i was a kid. its weird recognising stuff like that as an adult when you didnt realise as a kid, like how often we had stir fry with little cubes of spam and i thought that was normal, or how a sunday lunch was more often a huge pot of tomato soup and some baguettes than anything else, or tea on a sunday was banana butties. idk


Once you learn how to make a proper grilled cheese sandwich you’ll never go back to a toastie maker.

Only problem is in winter when the butter’s cold and doesn’t spread properly.

Butter both slices, it is a barrier to the filling.

A sidenote, apparently Americans never butter sandwiches and actually find it very odd that people might do so. For them it is mayo, mustard, some other condiment or nothing.

no need to butter both sides, you get the taste and lubrication from just the one

come at me

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Greggs butter both slices. That’s good enough for me


#always butter a fucking sandwich.
#people who don’t are a fucking liability

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