A thread about those mattresses in a box on the internet

Simba, eve, casper, Emma. Those lads.
Anyone got one?
Any good?

Wish I’d got one

Might get some expensive pillows instead, are they good?

the what now?


Thinking of filling our house with very cheap/free furniture and splurging all of our money on a boxed mattress and some fancy pillows

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The mattresses in a box

on the internet

Don’t know what these are but spend a disproportionate amount on your mattress. You won’t regret it.

They’re mattresses and they come in a box and they’re from the internet

Are they memory foam?

By the corn exchange

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I see :thinking: and where might one buy these box mattresses?

I would buy one the next time we need a mattress. Whatever the firmest one is.

or hang on, is it this thread that’s on the internet?


Use the offer code “EVE” for 20% off your first order


Are you tired of sleeping on a mattress that didn’t come in a box?

I genuinely am

Please stop pretending we don’t know what these are, folks

Found this interesting: http://freakonomics.com/podcast/mattress-store-bubble/

Apparently mattress stores are so ubiquitous despite a bad economy because they have such massive markups in price.

  • I know what these are
  • I don’t know what these are
  • I’m pretending to know what these are
  • I’m pretending not to know what these are

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