A thread about those mattresses in a box on the internet

Mattress stores? What the fuck you on about?

my mattress is genuinely terrible. the bed is as well

I will not be buying a mattress in a box on the internet though

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if you buy one, do you have to sleep on the internet also?

a mail c’imp?

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The eve is made up of an anti slip base, supportive base layer, eve comfort foam layer, memory layer and top cover. I can’t speak for the others but I would guess they are similar

We got an IKEA foam mattress a year ago, at the time I thought saving the £200 or whatever by not forking out for a mattress in a box from the internet would be sensible. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in ages.

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My butler told me there are a lot of them out on the high streets.

like in the matrix?

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High Streets? What, like in the mountains?


Where’s the guy who works in the foam factory when you need him!?!

(i probably wouldn’t buy one. I’d get the IKEA Hovag one. It’s the best)

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they keep talking about how it’s amazing that they can shrink a big mattress down into a tiny box and i keep meaning to look one up on youtube so i can enjoy the entertainment of that without having to actually buy a mattress

haven’t done it though

This is far from true.

What do they call them now in the UK?

If I buy one, I’ll film the unveiling for you

I think this is the one we have, I’m not into it.

I’ve never slept so well on mine. It’s heaven. I love my bed and I have never loved a bed before.

Hovag could be split to make a rude phrase though



Don’t be obtuse