A thread about trees.

I’ve always rather ignored trees if I’m honest, but going for my State Mandated Exercise in the last month or so and reading the rather lovely novel The Overstory has made me suddenly dead keen on them.

There’s actually a giant redwood that I can see from my front room that I’d never even taken the time to notice before. It’s fab. GBOT.

So… Do you have a favourite tree (either individual tree or type of tree?) do you have any tree facts or chat you want to share? Want to share some pics of trees from your walks?


This’ll never take off


I like trees.

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Trees are only good for one thing - paper, oxygen, and something to piss against in the woods.

Conker trees are the best followed by Christmas trees, mug trees, and fault trees.

big fan. trees are underrated imo.


Trees are mega, love those guys

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Love a Field Maple. Bloody love em.

(to the extent that I’ve got a Field Maple leaf tattoo)


Here is a picture I took in 2018, of @Avery in a tree.


I like how his head and hand look disembodied and also how excited he was about getting inside the tree and waving at me.


trees in my garden are too tall and overgrown and it’s giving me serious anxiety. No idea what to do about them so I will just ignore them and hope they go away

bunch of twats

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jk fairly into a good tree
willows are the best

Drive through trees are the best


:blush: You’re lovely x

Some other GBOT from Yosemite


One of the best things about where I live is the pine trees. Very pleasing.
Got a silver birch in a big planter in the garden that is pretty cute and a couple of acers. Palm trees in front garden are kind of crap and annoying though.
Trees are the best thing about nature imo


Really bad for the trees though. Look cool but not great for the poor old redwoods


Great thread! I am a huge fan of all trees, apart from bonsai trees, which I do not like as it it basically tree abuse. Very hard to choose a favourite as they all have different qualities, but there is something pretty magical about a laburnum tree in full flower.

I have loved trees since I was a kid, when I used to climb them (and fall out of them occasionally). I have done quite a lot of IT work for The Tree Council, who are a great bunch, and a few years ago I totally lucked out and got a job at Kew Gardens, where I got to chat with very knowledgeable and passionate tree people on a daily basis. Now I live in rural Sweden, right next to a forest, so happy days!

I will definitely be posting pictures of trees in here, although I always find it hard to capture their magnificence and grandeur with a camera.


Hate them, they make me sneeze.