A thread about watches

Got a watch? Post a photo.

Thinking of buying a watch? Post a link.

Got an opinion on watches? Offer it.

Want to say something like ‘my phone has the time on it so I don’t need one’? Feel free to.

Generally not been a watch wearer but saw this and liked it so got it

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It’s about time


Garmin Fenix 5

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The only watch I’m interested in is you lot watching your dang mouths!

The language around this place sometimes, bunch of potty-mouths up in here.


I love a Watch. I have a few but this is like my child.


Iconic. An overused phrase but it really is.

Really is. I know it’s really silly money (I mean it’s not in the world of watches) but I still look at it to this day and never regret purchasing it.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 45 with an orange/red strap. It does the job.

Not into kettles, would wear a roly if someone got me one though

This is a Glasgow based company that is doing really well for itself. They do their own enamel dials which is a bit of a usp


Like that. Think quite big but also quite simple faces are my favourite

Had a smart watch for years but recently decided to go back to a good ol’ science watch as they just cooler don’t they.

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Got dozens of them

Mainly wear this cheap submariner knock-off these days

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Obviously basically useless from a practical perspective but I really like some of the more abstract watch designs. This is nice


Not paying 450 quid for it though!

Thinking this was pretty then checking the prices - lolz, too rich for my blood!

Was going to buy this, which has 20% off but would have to get it from the us of a

Got a Girls Generation brown one back when I was living in Korea. Think it stopped functioning so I put it in my memories box. Good watch.

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I’m normally a Fitbit wanker, but when I don’t want to be nagged by my wrist, I’ve got this

Quite a few years ago I bought a lifetime battery option from Timpsons - about twenty quid rather than a tenner for a single battery. Worth every single penny (especially since I don’t wear the watch that much so it sits in a box wearing the battery down most of the time)

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