A thread about witches 🧙‍♀️

  • Hocus Pocus 2 out soon!

  • Very into witch bottles at the moment, gonna make one (but to attract them ofc) We have a hag stone and key from the museum of witchcraft hanging up in m’s room, hope that’s not putting any of them off visiting.

  • Had a careers coaching session and she said I’d be accused of being a witch if i spoke out about rubbish benches to my boss 400 years ago :heart_eyes:

That’s all for now. Please show me your favourite witches, witch items, and please respect @Witches even more than usual


Omg, I have literally been thinking about starting this thread for weeks! Amazing work. Gonna pop in with some real witchy shit once I’m on my laptop in a bit.

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Love witchy aesthetics and doing things like tarot but can never actually, yknow, believe in any of it.

Representing a form of thinking away from male dominated ‘logic’ views of the world is really refreshing though.

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Mitosis is…


That’s ok ruffers

Probably for the best or you’d be having half the boards burned at the stake

(Dont belivee you’d do this at all, you’d be leading the coven if anything)

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Big fan of witches.

What do we think of the idea of a cauldron being across cultures at the same time before the cultures met, like the nganga in Palo? Or was the cauldron brought into western witch folklaw after the Palo religion was discovered?

Can i ask fans of witches if they believe in magic/magick?

I read this post like it was all about me. Must remember it’s not all about me :laughing:


Big fan of @witches as well as actual witches too


I am pure hedgewitch camp. As in picking blackberries and drinking herbal teas and just understanding nature and that.

Interesting about the cauldron! M’s granny has a little one but she is from Glastonbury so sort of the law there

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Haha, :heart: thank you :blush:

Feel like witch trials are very in fashion lately, lots of books and tv shows about them

Also just got this from the library


Will caveat this with the greatest witch Circe being in both camps, hedgey and magic


Shame that the witch season of AHS was rubbish really?
How did they get that wrong? Witches AND swamps and the deep south and Stevie Nicks and Kathy Bates. They flew too close to the sun


On fire, you’re defense is terrified!

I have not seen hocus pocus 1 but I love SJP so will want to watch hocus pocus 2 so I need to watch 1


Brag: I found a hagstone in Worthing a few weeks ago

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its a weird watch to see it for the first time in your 30s

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Big fan


Elizabeth Montgomery Halloween GIF