(A thread concerning) The Fall

Knew nothing of The Fall, then got Hex Enduction Hour a while back. Didn’t really do it for me at first, but was occasionally drawn back to it and now I reckon it’s pretty fucking great. Picked up Live at the Witch Trials at the weekend and I’m digging it big time.

Where next? Seems like there’s a lot of material to go at…

Chat/lists/funny shit about Mark E Smith encouraged.

Is this the first where to start with the fall thread of the new forum?

Has it really taken this long?


Maosm made a Nickleback one last week.

For what it’s worth - I’m a big fan of the (deepy unfashionable) post-brix early-mid 90s period.

Extricate, Shift-Work, Infotaintment Scan.

Nobody really talks about those albums much. Maybe the first one.

Extricate was when I first got into them.

Just get the best offs. Every fall album is 2/3rds filler at best

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I think you’ll find it’s the unlistenable filler that separates the casual fan from the connoisseur…


Mark E Smith discussing his love of boring TV- Mark E Smith on Flipside - YouTube

Would really recommend Fall Heads Roll by the way. He had a great band then, unfortunately he later sacked them all…

Fall Heads Roll was the first album after he sacked that band wasn’t it?

Great album though. Probably the last that I really liked.


I think he had sacked another bunch of bandmates just before it. He sacked the Fall Heads Roll line-up whilst they were on tour in America. I think Reformation was the first album following that.

Right it’s pretty difficult to keep track. :slight_smile:

There was one very short lived band around that period - I think they were an american band who had been supporting the fall during a big sacking.

They were nothing at all like a typical fall, they didn’t seem quite as scared of MES which made for a pretty interesting live dynamic the one time I saw them.

I’m not a colossal Fall fan, but this is where I started - most ‘BIIIIG’ Fall fans that I talk to don’t seem too keen with the fontana stuff, but I adore it.

Sorry to post an Amazon link:

Ooh, sorry zxcvbnm, this was meant for the op.

yeah but the “fontana years” were pretty much what I was talking about up thread. that early-mid 90s period.

Sorry, I didn’t read any of the thread content.

I like your style.

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Couldn’t agree more!

It bugs me that no-one mentions the songs from this period. The Mixer is probably my favourite song.

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I’m off to listen to some early 90s fall.


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just finished reading The Big Midweek by Stephen Hanley. Really good read for Fall fans. Another vote for early 90’s Fall here. Love Extricate, Code Selfish and Shiftwork in particular…

Same here. Listening to Shiftwork 2CD.

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