A Thread For 14th November: What are you having for lunch today?



Anything nice? Brought your own in?

Please respect this thread and don’t post in it early guys.




@Antpocalypsenow this guy is calling you out.


too early to tell


It’s Tuesday so quite possibly some kind of bean stew.


Reckon I’ll be dead by then


Dead HUNGRY righte m9s


No he isn’t.


I’m calling you out…


…side to look at these beautiful stars!


it’ll be world diabetes day so probably something with lentils or barley or something


I can’t eat any of the options on the canteen menu, so fuck knows. Will probably cobble something together from the various sides and end up with something like cauliflower, coleslaw and some gravy.


Sounds quite nice actually


No it doesn’t.


clip of joey eating beef trifle






Gonna grab a panini from the cafe downstairs I reckon. Been having tinned fish and cous cous for lunch to save some money recently, but ran out of cous cous. Annoyingly there are no cheap options around here, so what are you gonna do?


This’d better be true, that’s all I can say.


How about now?