A thread for asking Dissers just what's going on in their avatar pics

@chadders - what IS that? It’s hysterical.

Kanye’s grey penis.

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hope this doesn’t get quoted back at you out of context.


There’s always a lot of ‘ahhh Kanye’s penis’ when I’ve met people at the DiS meats :+1:

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What about you? Where’s ol’ pumpkinhead from?

trying to work out if you have a really dry sense of humour of if DiSers are really that weird.

From this chap’s books and science adventures (oven not involved).


I’d say a little from column a and a little from column b here bammers.

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From the Megadrive version of Clayfighter! His name’s Ickybod Clay!

NOT a good game. But I love old Ickybod.


Haha, brilliant.

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It credits a ventriloquist? So he’s a puppet?


So… how and when did Chadders enter your life? If you know what I mean.

Ooh ooh I thought of a thread like this yesterday, can’t remember whose avatar I was looking at though argh

@ericthefourth you went from ethricdouble to ericthethird to ericthefourth. How many experience points do you need to level up to ericthefifth? And who is the boss you need to beat for that?

is ethricdouble a mispelling?

i levelled up from double to third on an IRKED bonus from people using ‘you got double’d’ wrong. third to fourth was purely from starting a new game (forum). I’m in the dark as to when EricV will happen, if i can get some critical hits in on some high profile posters maybe it’ll be soon.



I thought that was @VincentAdultman/@JohnM in that costume there, for a moment.

It’s from this

Thought it was a more archaic spelling but idk, maybe they just got it wrong


It very much does look like that woman has her hand up his ass!

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I can feel myself falling.