A thread for boring people

Any boring people here?

No hype or banter please just boring people here.

Oof yes, I am intolerably boring.

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you do any good boring stuff recently like reading books or tidying up the house?

I am extremely dull but quite content with that


I’m going to hoover my car but only if I can find a pound cause I can’t find my debit card.

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Oh hai!

On first meeting I can be interesting but never meet me again as I’ll just tell you the same stuff over and over in slightly different ways.


I’m thinking hard about when is best to trim back the hedge because of the wasp’s nest that are congregating near it. I think I might leave it until early September as apparently wasps die off at the end of August.

you might find a pound down the back of one of the car seats

That’s a good idea thanks

this is true of pretty much all people

Depends what you’d find interesting tbh

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I kind of like when this happens, I have a friend that I’m sure we tell the same stories to all the time. It’s nice when you get to the part when you’re like “oh it’s this story again, I like this one”


the other night someone managed to tell me the same anecdote twice in the space of a couple of hours

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no worries

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Yesterday I did some banking stuff, paid an invoice to an electrician, and tidied up some pedals. Oh and I dusted an old shoe rack.

These were by far the most exciting things that happened to me this weekend.

do you have a pedalboard? If so have you found a way to make the wires not look super messy?

Im boring as af

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No, just a (largely dust-free) shoe rack.

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Did a proper deep clean of the flat yesterday as it happens, dusted all the surfaces, scrubbed down the bath, sink and toilet, vacuumed throughout and cleaned the kitchen. Honestly find it very good for me to have a clean house, as difficult as it is with a toddler running around.


Had two bowls of corn flakes for lunch because I had toast for breakfast and didn’t want double bread