A thread for cataloguing noteworthy DiS reviews

Yes they still post them

This one, for starters, and not for any positive reason (I’m not a fan of Porches though):

Some choice quotes:

" every damn chirpy member of the social networks relishes now in the self-centred banal. And yet this is what pseudo-sprite Aaron Maine employs to convince us that he’s a special snowflake" - doesn’t even make sense in the context

“a self-imposed isolation” - pretty negative and inaccurate view of loneliness

“sad kids that want to pretend they dig synth pop” - so it seems the trope of saying people “pretend” to like music has only been culled from the forums.

There’s more if you want to read it

Lee Adcock?

Well guessed. Notorious?

I quite like that. It’s a bit irreverent but not borderline offensive like the one above. Dom’s a good writer.