A thread for establishing the correct names of playground games


This will work by a bit of bickering over whether it’s called “tag” or “it” or whatever followed by a poll to firmly establish the correct answer.

First up, that game where you link hands with an opponent and then try and twist their hands and arms and fingers around to the point where they nearly break and your foe can’t handle the pain and yells the name of the game out to get you to stop. It’s called Peanuts right?



  • peanuts
  • mercy
  • uncle
  • other

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No it’s not, it’s called peanuts!


Ah, I see Aggsy has skipped the bickering stage and gone straight for the poll, ok.


Peanuting is where you pull someone’s tie as hard as possible so the knot becomes a pe’peanut’, poindexter


straight to business (obviously mercy, as a peanut is a different piece of playground hi-jinks)


Yeah, that’s ‘Peanutting’ for sure, it isn’t the game ‘Peanuts’ though is it.


Tag or it are acceptable, tig can get in the bin.


Dobby is the Nottingham word for what most people call tag or tig or whatever (maybe @Songs_about_ducking can back me up on this one unless it’s called something else in Ilkeston)


pfffft, it’s tig!


So at the point where you can no longer stand the pain you shout ‘Peanuts, for the love of god man show me some peanuts’?

Yep that scans.


That game which is basically It but when you get tagged you have to stand with your arms and legs outstretched until someone frees you by crawling through your legs.

Stuck In The Mud innit.




Forty Forty


This is exactly the point “mate”, it needs to be a safe-word that wouldn’t come up organically in the situation to ensure a victory, the word ‘Mercy’ might be something that some nerd actually says as an expression of pain even though they aren’t giving up.


No, peanuts is from thumb wars!

I declare a thumb war!

And then the thumb war continues until someone traps someone else’s thumb and shouts “1,2,3 Peanuts!”


fucking hell, Ant. This is nonsense


That’s fucking mental.

"1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war"
Battle commences, you get the other persons thumb down
"1, 2, 3, 4 I win the thumb war"
Victory is established if the thumb remains down for the entirety of the sentence


It’s called Dobby Scarecrow in Notts