A thread for films you havent seen in a while and you wonder if they’re still good


Basically post the name of a film that you remember fondly but haven’t seen lately, and someone who saw it more recently will tell you if it still holds up.

All verdicts are final.

So, anyone seen My Summer of Love recently? Used to love the atmosphere of it but feel maybe it’s a bit melodramatic ?


A nice idea for a thread, but if that cinematic hot takes thread is anything to go by, everyone here hates literally everyone and everything. So the whole “someone who saw it more recently will tell you if it still holds up” thing might not work.

But let’s give it a go!

It’s been some years since I saw… GLADIATOR.


It does not entertain


perhaps we could keep this thread for just people who actually enjoy films?


Watched Jaws on Saturday. Still the greatest movie ever made in case you were wondering.


Used to love Leon. Not seen it for ages. Does it hold up? Feels like the Portman story, and the Oldman performance in particular could let it down


fucking fantastic movie


watched this recently with the kids (a great way to rewatch the older stuff)

Still good, very 90s but no issue with that

DO NOT WATCH THE DIRECTORS CUT (the default on the Blu Ray)

EDIT: to clarify some of the added scenes in the DC push it well over the border into creepy town


Great use of Bjork’s Venus As A Boy!


Napoleon Dynamite. Watched it a LOT. Haven’t seen it in best part of a decade. Scared.


Bought Dark City (the recut version) on DVD ages ago as my partner hasn’t seen it.

We’ve not watched it yet. Actually worth it?


So long as it’s the uncut version without the opening voice-over that ruins the twist, then yes. Absolutely worth it.


Oldman was on it the best things in it originally so I can’t see how he’d ruin anything


12 Monkeys
Not seen that in a dog’s age. Wonder if Brad Pitt doing ‘comedy nutcase’ would work on repeated viewing


I personally didn’t like it first time round when I saw it a couple of years back. Felt very disjointed and not in an interesting way - just hard to stay engaged


Vanilla Sky - loved this when i first saw it at the cinema, however, when i re-watched it on DVD about 10 years ago, i thought it was pretty awful. I must give it another watch to make the definitive decision on it.


watched this quite recently. found it STILL FUNNY


watch the original abnd make a decision based on that


Oh yeah, ‘Abres Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes)’! I had completely forgotten it was a remake. I think i have a DVD copy of the original, so i’ll give that a watch.


good call - keep meaning to watch that again.

(probably shit)