A thread for films you havent seen in a while and you wonder if they’re still good

The Italian Job.

I used to love that, and had four old style minis in the early days of my driving.

Worried it might be a bit Brexit now though.

Anyone watched Eyes Wide Shut recently?

I don’t remember particularly enjoying it at the time - but Kubrick films seem to frequently get slated / misunderstood on release and then warmed to later so, maybe it’s better now? Anyone?

Easily in my top 2 or 3 of his, i really loved it when i first saw it and was baffled by the original sniffy reviews. People have come round to it, much like they did with The Shining:

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This is the other way around from the OP, but - The Fisher King. 14 year old me thought it was as dull as dishwater. Was 14 year old me an idiot?


Uncle Rico hitting Napoleon full in the face with Kip’s steak as he cycles past will always be funny.


Nobody in human history has raved about this film.

It killed Kevin Costner’s “A List” career.

Watched it recently. Think it’s really good tbh. The Nicole Kidman acting stoned bit and the conversation during it is absolutely awful though

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Still good, daft fun I think from when I last watched it about a year ago.

Locke - enjoyed it at the cinema but fear the worst.

There’s a lot to like about the postman.


never seen it. nobody has.

princess bride

that film with tom hardy in a car talking about concrete for an hour and a half?

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Watched it recently. Still good, but not spectacular.

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Timeless. Brilliant.

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someone mentioned it in that shit takes thread and it made me want to watch it

Do it. It’s still great.

I can’t say. But 14 year old you was wrong wrong wrong about The Fisher King. It’s one of Terry Gilliam’s best AND one of Robin Williams’s best.

Decided to watch Fight Club again after the pasting it took in the hot takes thread to see if I still enjoyed it. I’m watching it in chunks and I’m quuuuite enjoying it, although I used to like the smashing the system element. Now I’m firmly part of the system, and they all seem to be behaving like complete dicks now.

Overall it’s a net positive though.