A thread for half-remembered TV shows



Remember that programme Cape Wrath (may also have been called Meadowlands according to the internet)? David Morrissey, Felicity Jones, a pre-Hollywood Tom Hardy. I never watched the whole thing, so have been trying to read a plot summary about what it was all about (witness protection? some sort of experiment?) but I can’t find one. What was the deal?


Remember Reboot on CITV? They did doughnut flavoured Skips as a tie in with it.


Yellowthread Street

No cunt seems to remember this apart from one of my all time dogs and my bro.


Describe it to me.


Don’t know what it is, pal.


Can’t remember what it was called. Timothy West was in it as the Chairman of a struggling football club. Had a catchphrase where he’d say “I want x or y … and I want it cheap”. Almost certainly rubbish.


Primitive CGI kids show, feel like it all took part in “the mainframe” or whatever, can’t remember much more about it.


Rings a bell.


CBBC sitcom thing about kids at an outward bound centre - Mud. In my head it was about a choir. Am I getting it confused with something else? Apparently Mud starred Russell Brand. Look at him!


Hippies, it would pop into my head sometimes but I never bothered googling it. I was googling Sally Philips the other day (after her documentary) and she’d been in it. I didn’t realise it was written by Arthur Matthews.


Eleven Men Against Eleven.

I remember finding it quite funny.


I remember that! Julian Rhind-Tutt was in it.

Was there also a British remake of That 70s Show or am I conflating them?


if there was a remake of it I don’t even half remember seeing it


Kids show where there were some posh kids who had some little monster thing living in some sand in their garden maybe?


It was a thing!


Five Children and It? The psamyad or something…


Ah yes, well remembered. Having now googled it I see it was written by Andy Hamilton, so probably was ok, actually.


That’s the one


It’s quite a famous book, written by E Nesbit.


What does the E stand for?