A thread for half-remembered TV shows

Ooh yes! That came to mind earlier! Always fancied it

Maybe this instead?

Yes! Would never have found this, but that’s definitely it.

The Seventh Seal?

Genuinely want to check that out, I love Passport To Pimlico

Does anyone remember this? “Once Upon A Time… Life”. It was on Channel 4 early on weekday mornings - the same slot as Ulysses

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Ulysses 31? Ha that was mental.

Probably French too. Spotting a theme here.

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Yup. It’s still how I visualise things happening inside people.

Yep, that’s the one. I think they must have bulk-purchased a bunch of French animations at the same time. They were usually on before The Big Breakfast, if memory serves me correctly.

I remember as a kid during one summer holiday watching two cartoons called Wowser and Ox Tales every morning. The latter had a gorilla called Gaylord and a wisecracking toucan narrator.

Not a kids show, but the “Wait Til I Get You Home” section of Noel’s House Party. Kid would answer questions about their parents, and give embarrassingly frank / wrong answers.

There was a kids gameshow with a chicken or farm theme, something which made it logical for them to say “Start the cluck!” to begin the timed challenge

I’ve not thought of Dizzy Heights Hotel in several years. Oh wow, memories flooding back :smiley:

The Wild House


Dr Zitbag’s Transylvania Petshop!

Terror Towers

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Strong memories of the skull buzzers :smiley:

Bloody hell, this thread has reminded me that I watched a lot of TV way back when.

I thought I’d imagined Terror Towers until I googled it just then, I’ve seen a lot about Knightmare and thought I was just misremembering that show instead. Boris the Spider brought it all back

Big man @TKC here got me thinking about another show…

It was about the same era, mid-2000s or so. British kids TV, set between two families that had divorced and remarried or whatever all the kids were everywhere. The main character was a girl who’d break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience about who was who and up to what. Main house was quite “wacky”, and all mostly set in what would have been their living room - the setee faced the camera/audience etc

The Wild House? Or something like that?

Had Honeysuckle weeks in

@hip_young_gunslinger came to the rescue, it was MicroSoap