A thread for helping each other find christmas presents?



The “?” is in case this is just a terrible idea. I don’t mean general “what should I get” questions, but rather when you have an idea but need help with being more specific.

To give an example (and reveal the motive behind the thread), I’d like to get my thinly veiled a magazine subscription, as she has read Cosmopolitan for years but lately she’s not interested in it at all. Not really up on decent magazines that are around…but I basically want something that is basically more than articles explaining “how to tell if he’s into you or not”.


hmm. this? https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/flow-magazine-subscription/9018000055817

I have no idea if it’s any good, just looked online.

This? Though it looks a bit pretentious! https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/majestic-disorder-magazine-subscription/9018000056162


Do you have tesco clubcard vouchers? You can get really good deals on subscriptions through that. I have BBC Good Food, Olive (another cooking one) and Lonely Planet.


Wor Lass hates how difficult I am to buy presents for.

She got me shoes for my birthday which were excellent but I don’t need more shoes now. She got me a coat last Xmas so I don’t need any more of them.


Flow seems good…need to research a bit more though. A tad over budget but I’m just penny pinching


So, what should I ask for from my wife?


hiya! i’m massively into magazines. the gentlewoman is full of really decent articles, not too expensive (even though cosmo is £1 now) and quite easy to get hold of compared to similar titles (riposte, billed as ‘the smart magazine for women’ is £10 an issue with a far smaller circulation)


of course there are thousands of magazines. reckon if you could have a job in recommending magazines to people i’d excel in it. anyone wants to ask me more on magazines feel free, because i spend most of my disposable income on them.


That looks absolutely spot on, thanks! I think I’ll go for a subscription and then (if there isn’t an issue due by xmas) buy a back issue as something to give.


it only comes out a couple of times a year, though :frowning:
for monthlies you can find deals to subscribe to glamour for £12 p/y and it tends to be a bit more substantial than cosmo (less sex tips; more in-depth articles)


Yeah I saw that…but if it goes down well then I’ll commit to buying it for more than just the upcoming year.


will get my parents the happy valley boxset, job done


What can I get 2 and 4 years old boys that already have everything


I was actually thinking I’d like to get a couple of magazine subscriptions. I’ll employ you to curate me a list of possible ideas. At the moment I just have an LRB subscription but would like more art, fashion, pop culture, just generally interesting stuff.


oh come on, kids are the easiest people in the world to buy presents for

just get them literally any toy


I’m gonna get me and my boyfriend a tv and a ps4 I think and our train tickets home for christmas.


This is the problem though, they have everything, and they will get a million plastic toys from their adoring family members. Very often the thing they’ll like best is something cheap and simple, like a helium balloon with Thomas/Peppa or something on it. Don’t really want to spend £££s on yet another piece of plastic.


book about dinosaurs


I bought them a set of dinosaurs last Christmas and they are now completely obsessed (the 2 year old can say more dinosaur names than actual proper normal words) so they have several books already. I was trying to move away from dinosaur stuff as they have so much, but I’ve seen a dinosaur projector torch that looks quite cool. Tempted to just buy a dozen helium balloons and let them go nuts.


@wonton - my wife reads The Simple Things - it’s a bit twee but quite varied and interesting. Very different from Cosmo though.