A thread for helping each other find christmas presents?

Oooh, great minds!

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Aw man, this also looks good (like The Gentlewoman above) and actually if I think about it, she’d find more use in the simple things actually. Being different from cosmo is a positive…I think it’s just something she’s continued from years ago, losing interest along the way.

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Yes! A VTech toy guitar would be perfect

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What’s a solid bet for my GFs parents? Might be nice if I get em a little som som yano
My GF also likes surprises, so some one hmu with some nice stocking filler stuff please :slight_smile:

the gentlewoman is probably my favourite that you can pick up in all branches of wh smiths. zadie smith is the cover feature of the latest issue. you can read all of the profiles from previous issues online The Gentlewoman Library, also a few interviews and features like this one with elena ferrante

riposte is really, really great but on a fairly limited run, and always sells out fast in the few places that stock it, so you’re best buying it directly from either their site or antennae books. it’s more political and explicit than the gentlewoman, and inclusion and diversity in representation is a major issue for the founder/editor, so there’s always a good mix of articles and subjects. examples of the women they feature in it here Riposte

i stopped buying most fashion magazines a few years ago. still occasionally see things i’m interested in dazed or i-d, but almost all of the content is avaliable for free online. my friend bought me POP as a gws presents earlier this year and it’s just sat next to my bed :confused:

for film and art i generally go out of my way issue-per-issue, e.g. if there’s something in sight & sound i really want to read, or a photography feature in british journal of photography or huck i’m interested in then i’ll buy them. arena homme+ sometimes has decent spreads by photographers (they had an issue that had like 150 pages of juergen teller recently, past issues have also came with free photozines and stuff). the rough trade magazine is fun, but there’s not been a lot i want to read in it (would probably be a different story if i liked current indie or whatever).

there’s also a lot of really good stuff coming out in zine or anthology format. and i was really happy to get my hands on gal-dem.

have you heard of weapons of reason? current affairs magazine that’s big into design. it was founded by the guy who founded little white lies, follows along the lines of the stuff he did previously with ‘think quarterly’ and in data visualisation stuff for the WEF.

magazine blogs:
stack (also a magazine subscription service. they do one-off 'sampler’s of different magazines too)

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sorry if my spelling and/or grammar is all over the place xx

Have you read Delayed Gratification? Just thinking for myself now really…something that covers contemporary stuff but at a slower pace really. Or are there better examples?

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Drumkit? Air-raid siren?

Im not that mean

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Their bodyweights in fizzy sweets?

Hello friends. Thinking about getting some kind of classy, stylish jewellery storage solution for the girlf innit, any of y’all got any hot tips?

Also make-up storage as well perhaps

what kind of storage? muji acrylic drawers are really, really popular and i think they’ve brought the price down. it’s what i’ve used for about 5 years. everything generally fits in them, apart from foundation bottles or palettes etc.

tk maxx also stocks an abundance of acrylic storage now, because it’s such a popular item.

you can also get decent vanity cases in a lot of places, would depend on what she likes the look of and if she wants it on display or out of the way.

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Cheers Noidzy, I reckon I’d definitely be looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing in and of itself for jewellery, those muji drawer things look like a good option for the make-up side though, I’ll investigate them innit. Ta.

What’s currently hot in the “on display” storage game?

everywhere is full of ‘rustic’ crates and ‘industrial’ wire baskets still. not really practical for storing anything other than bigger, bulky items.

dunno too much about jewellery storage. found an amazing jewellery case, unused, in a charity shop. ended up giving it to my mam because it was massive and i couldn’t justify using it.

also, some high street jewellers do boxes and vanity cases for jewellery that isn’t horrendous. you really have to shop around, though. argos being one of the biggest retailers stocks a load of stuff too.

ikea do storage solutions for jewellery to go inside a drawer - dividers and velvet matts etc. so you can build a custom system in drawers you already own. you can also do the same with muji’s acrylic storage.

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Cheers Noidzy, you’re a superstar

I’ve got a hot tip for your girlfriend.

With 0 being the least and 10 being the most - how suitable is this joke?

Not sure what you mean by “suitable” really? Do you mean “appropriate”?

Shut up!

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Are you ok?