A thread for lovely shared moments at gigs

Been meaning to do this thread for a while after my chat with @UncleRetrospective. Sorry it’s taken so long buddy!

Which really lovely/awesome/moving gig memories have shared with the crowd or members of the crowd? For example, has everyone suddenly been moved to tears by a particular song or chant? Has an epic but respectful mosh pit broken out? Have you felt a spiritual camaraderie with someone who you just met at the gig?

Here was an example the Cave In gig I went to last year (as posted in the “Last Night’s Gig Was” thread).

Share away!


The second gig I ever went to was Ash at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, back in 1996.

Waiting for them to come out, me and my friends started clapping the bit from the middle of Kung Fu. Within about 30 seconds the whole crowd was doing it, and then Ash walked out on stage.

It felt magic.


Was Kung Fu their set opener?

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No, set closer, I think.

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