A thread for Monday night

Is there one yet? There is now if not.

Any plans?


Happy birthday :balloon: :blush:


Looks like I’m safe.

Anyway, there was talk of home made banoffee pie later, but that’s been postponed after we got a takeaway high tea for two this afternoon, which was probable twice as much as three people could eat, so we’ll be working through the desert part of that later (scones / cream tea, chocolate cake things and lemon tarts)

I’ve also got some incredible beers waiting for me in the fridge too.


Thanks @Witches, and everyone else who wished me happy birthday in the daytime thread.

It was a good day - I had a full English, went out kayaking and then had a cheeky pint in the beer garden at my local (which is the first time we’ve been there since it reopened despite it being a quiet back street pub)


Do tell

Who wants to code an app for me

Happy birthday r.o!!!

My brother linked me to this and said to listen out at 2.22. It still took me off guard and I couldn’t stop laughing :smiley: (oh actually the thumbnail ruins it a bit. It was hilarious though)

Moussaka for tea. Can’t wait. Big fan of a lamb moussaka.

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No plans…only joking it’s QUIZ NIGHT.

Happy Birthday! :gift::gift::balloon::balloon::tada::tada:


Happy birthday again, sounds like you’ve had a good birthday

My boss pulled an absolute blinder today by asking me to volunteer for a really rubbish task, just before my probation review tomorrow morning.



Happy Birthday Rob, didn’t look in the daily thread, so missed it. Hope you had a good day.

Final night sleeping on our knackered old bed tonight. New shiny bed being delivered tomorrow. Can’t wait! Pizzer and chips for tea as I’m 6 years old. Last day at work tomorrow before a week off too. It’s all coming up millhouse



Glad to hear you’re having a good day, rob :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished cleaning my oven. Picnicy bits and salad for tea. Not a huge amount else to report, really.

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This is the one I’m most looking forward to. I had a can last week and loved it, then saw it was 4.31 on Untapped which showed that I wasn’t just appreciating it because I was on holiday

Oh god there’s so many memes out there of this, you’re gonna have a good time with them

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Ooh happy birthday @rob.orch! :partying_face::birthday::beers:

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  • Rearranged alcohol shelf
  • Attempting to make focaccia
  • About to start making chorizo stew for dinner
  • Might watch a film (Cabaret or The Crying Game)


The quiz is in a hour iirc

tennis tomorrow morning, so very unfit and lazy though

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Stupid massive argument means everything is incredibly awful here and my head hurts.

Also left my switch and emergency twix downstairs, which means they are off the table for tonight.

Need to make a packing checklist as R is going to my dad’s for a night tomorrow.

Tonight is also new book night, that is good at least.

Watching the film Dolls, have eaten 4 Twisters.

This is what’s happened in Dolls so far: