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I don’t really have much ambition anymore btw, it feels good to have let go of some of my dreams :slight_smile:

i think you’ve interpreted this as meaning that the characters should be written to be deep people, when actually it usually means that the fictional people should be well-written so they’re believable as people. it’s the writing that should have depth.


I just mean it’s an easy trick that doesn’t signify much I guess

Apologies if I have upset you with this or if it seems pretentious, maybe it is. I like to think sometimes, I’m a hobbyist thinker, maybe one day I’ll have a good thought!

Until then I hope I don’t annoy you too much over here

i don’t think that writing a believable character is an easy trick - plenty of writers seem to struggle with it


Also, the trick is to engage you in the story
Which is the whole point.

yeah fair enough. Maybe it’s not easy and is in fact complex but I dunno if beyond looking at the craft if it means anything

maybe the deeper point is why are we engaged or enthralled by people being complex?

I wonder if maybe this is changing with regards to the metoo stuff and culture in general where we are being forced to reckon with some people who seem nice/do nice things also being terrible

Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?

a shark? Yes there probably already is. All sharks? Not sure I don’t actually know how fast a shark can swim


baby shark do doo do do do do

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the meaning is that if a work has poorly written characters that aren’t believable, then it’s not enjoyable to read/watch.

there is also a large gender element to this - female characters are often very poorly written by male writers, eg only having characteristics that are relevant to their relationship with a man, or appearing to make decisions at random because the writer hasn’t bothered to consider that women have thoughts (that’s if the writer has even included any female characters…)


sorry I’ve run out of thoughts for today. Will be back soon no doubt x

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Nothing contains everything.

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Nothing.lasts forever
NOTHING lasts forever


Jist imagine food rapping that

With his new born held to his chest in a papoose.

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Hope Brexit doesn’t stop me from buying Pot Noodles


stand by my comment that Bamnan is the smartest guy on here

“It depends” is really the true answer to every question but we have to compromise with probability in order to make sense of the world. Derrida was right.

This is pretty obvious anyway as nothing can be 100% true until all of time is played out. Don’t think about maxims too much or they will embarrass themselves.