🤔 A Thread for my Thoughts

After more than six years ago I still remember the look on hours-old Jimbo’s face when he did his first poo

Imagine doing a poo for the very first time? You can’t undo that, eh?


I was there in the hospital when my youngest niece was born and she did a little black poo that was like tar. Unexpected!

Every musician should get together and ban a certain note for a decade to encourage creativity within constraints.

Then when the moratorium is up we could have a big ceremony when the first, say, A is played again and everybody in attendance would cheer and wipe away a tear having been reminded of the beauty of being reconciled!



Worth a read:

And the back story to the cover leads to this, which is the kind of forced/subliminal non-logic that I’m weak for:


Had reminded me of the supposed Lou Reed quote.

“One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.”

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I don’t know about feet, but I think everyone would be taller with lower gravity

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Can you have a concept for something that doesn’t exist?

Like I mean specifically?

For example, let’s say Gefoighurbert was a word for a specific feeling, but then you ask “ok what does it feel like?” and I say that it doesn’t feel like anything because it doesn’t exist, but it’s still specific. Is that possible? What defines something as specific?

Can we only name and conceive of things in a reactionary manner after the fact?


You seem to be describing hypotheses.

Kinda fucked up that we have to eat things. Taking pleasure in destruction and consumption. Feels like a sick joke.

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It’s a matter of perspective isn’t it? I have an apple tree in my garden and you could view me eating one of those apples as destruction OR as sharing a gift that the tree has given, and in that sharing me and the tree have built a deeper connection. And the more of those reciprocal connections, the more harmonious the world becomes.

Then agriculture and factory farming comes along and destroys that utopia ofc :joy:


Do all your turds in orchards to give back