A thread for naming and discussing good Rom Coms and romantic films

So I thought we could share romantic films we like on this most romantic of days

I love When Harry Met Sally, but that’s a pretty well known one

I also adore The Sure Thing starring John Cusack. In fact I might watch it tonight

here’s a great scene from that film

What romantic films do you enjoy DIS?



I’m 90% sure I’ve seen this, but I’ve forgotten if it was good

imagine liking this film


GHOST, always GHOST!!

“MOLLY, You in trouble, girl”

“It’s amazing Molly, the love inside, you take it with you”

*Demi Moores immaculate tears*

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just watched the Trailer and I now remember I have seen it and it’s good

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Haven’t seen high fidelity since I was 19 or so. Not sure id still like it as much but used to love it.

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this is a thread for saying which ones you DO like you scamp

This is another of my favorites. Still good



Better or worse?

trick question. Both shiiiiite

you know what, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ghost all the way through

But it’s one of those films you see clips and parodies of so much you feel like you have

excellent choice

I don’t need to imagine it!


Although I know of this film I have not actually seen this one so I will say tentatively better as I am a resolute optimist

Has anyone seen Country Strong starring Gwyneth?

I watched it once on the sofa when I was poorly and very much enjoyed it

It is written and directed by, and stars, Zach braff

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