A Thread for Posting Blood Brothers Lyrics in Capitals

Tbh I just want to talk about them

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Are they your #1 band? I regret only seeing them live a couple of times. They’re probably top 20 for me

Same. Just glad I got their 2007 Zodiac and ULU gigs in in time


Got a fave song?

By far, I absolutely adore them. I will put an album on and find new things

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Mine is Six Nightmares

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Tuuune. First Kiss at the Public Execution for me (though Crimes isn’t my fave of their albums). Cecilia & Six Nightmares is a mind-boggling 1-2. Edit; then Denver Max!

Been a while since I listened, and even then i flipped between favourite albums too much to call out a particular song. Last 3 albums are all utterly brilliant.


Just put it on and the last 30 seconds really are batshit aren’t they :smiley:

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If I put Six Nightmares on, I have to replay it like 10 times


All their albums are!

I struggle with the earlier ones, but i won’t dent that.

I like the older ones, love Johnny’s drawl on them. James Brown is one of my fave of theirs

I should give them another go. Its been a while.

That’s Staind

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Don’t even…

I listen to March On now and again but don’t think I’ve ever listened to the first one actually

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Got it pretty cheap on discogs a while ago

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Dont be on the outside