A Thread For Posting Nice Book Covers In

I just discovered that Tove Jansson did illustrations for early Finnish and Swedish editions of The Hobbit and there is also a more recent reprint that has a really awesome cover and I kind of want to get it

Original and recent versions in that order


Got this recently that has a section on jansson

In Japanese though


Probably posted before redacting myself but big fan of this range (pie international, these are in English as well as Japanese)


I love Tove Jansson :heart:

I never read any Moomins books or saw the cartoon when I was a kid but started reading some with R and the writing and illustration are all fantastic. Moomland Midwinter (which that second spread you posted is illustrations from) is so beautiful, strange and haunted - the building of atmosphere is so masterful it is my go to example of why children’s writers should not automatically be ruled as lesser.