A thread for questioning the locking of threads

not really sure why this one was locked, when it was just one user being a bit of an arse

the OP expressed elsewhere that he didn’t want it to be locked. feels like whoever starts the thread should have some say in it?

@moderators @escutcheon

Yeah, wasn’t sure why it was locked. I wondered why it was locked when in the thread it was explicitly asked only to “bin off” the user, not the thread.

That would be me! I locked it first (and then messaged ttf about it) because I had a very very busy weekend so didn’t have time to look into it properly and no other mods seemed to have the time either. Should’ve maybe just posted this in the thread before closimg it — that it was closed until I had the chance to review it, or something.

As it stands I didn’t have any more time yesterday and today I’m ill, so any other @moderators feel free to deal with it as you will

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Reopened, I actually banned three2three prior to the thread being closed but tbh it took me a moment or two to grasp what was actually going on.