A Thread For Saturday

Alright? Off to work soon, going to be a fucking nightmare. Up to anything good?


I’m not typing out my danger house story again ffs

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Let’s let the @moderators decide who stays and who merges.


I agree that this is a job for our fair, wise, and above all extremely sexually attractive moderators to decide. I know they’ll do the right thing.


Probably pick the one that we’ve both been posting in tbf :wink:


I read @Epimer’s Danger House story and I’m singing it along to the Danger Mouse theme tune.

I’ve been up since half five watching Miraculous with The Child so I’m a bit delirious currently.

Morning! I trust everyone slept well?

I’ve been woken up by the dulcet tones of someone from Danger House screaming “GET AAAAAAAHT” then bouncing someone off their bins a few times. It’s the lad who they’ve chucked out before. He’s off his face and wearing pants and one (1) shoe.

Their neighbour across the road came out and shouted at them for shouting.

Police here now.

Plans for the day? Man it’s a hot one!!


Just pants and one shoe?

Oh yes

Alright Churchill.
Tbf to the lad it is very hot today so I can empathise

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I’m considering it for my walk to work. Might add a second shoe.


Got woken up at 3am by the smoke detector deciding to let us know, via a series of loud beeps, that the battery was low. Woke the kid up too. Cheers mate.

Ummmm, driving to Woolwich later for a 3rd birthday party, but trying to persuade my wife its a long way to go (it is really, I’m not being lazy).

When he asked his mum why she’d called the police she said “look at you!”, which in my opinion seems a bit harsh as they’re the one who’ve chucked him out in that state. Maybe it was justified, I don’t know what precipitated it, but feels a bit much to have a go at the lad for being in a state of undress.

Also when they came out to put stuff back in the bins, they did it in their pants too. Hypocrites.


En route to st Pancras, then Nottingham. Brain no work.

Missus woke me up twice in the night by shaking me awake then telling me not to wake up whilst she was still asleep. Was like a really annoying horror movie


Quick briefing before I left


Not been up at this time on a Saturday for a long time.:thinking:
Anyway, morning troops, not sure what the plan is today.

Is this books-related?

Good morning! Still 28° inside, what madness is this.

Totally forgot about meal planning and my mum is going shopping this morning. Need to come up with some ideas very quickly because having a couple of nice meals to cook has been a very nice thing and I’m not sure how I’ll cope with having to do an entire week of non-planned cooking.

Might redo my undercut today if I get time, in a bid to reduce the heat retention of my head. Would be great if I could get R to let me do his haircut but unlikely.

Sorry, I’m very rambly this morning. Hope you all have nice, non-melting days :wave:

Might go for a swim