A Thread For Saturday

What’s a happening in my home town eh?

Morning. No sleep. Too hot. Need more fans.

Lack of awareness of Disintegration records?

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I meant those air pushing mechanical ones, but this is also true.

Slept like shiiiiiiiiiiiit. No plans today. Might sleep, or melt

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Slept fine.

Omelette (with cheese) on toast eaten for breakfast.

Going to sit in the garden and read I guess. Got a LOT of lollies in the freezer so will work through some of those as well.

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Working on/with a publishing company doing books about street art, and starting with notts legend dilk:)

Morning all, weather here in the Mild Mild West is lovely, none of this heatwave for us. I’m having a cup of tea in the garden.


Shoot me a message if you’ve got time for a beer/food . No plans other than a swim til the eve

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Need to try to finish deadheading the Buddleia today, it’s about 12ft tall though so I don’t think I’m going to reach those bits

Sleep audit:

  • No, too hot
  • Somehow, yes

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Noted - v possible as not sure how long will take. Am being put up in a flat so also around Sunday. Sadpunk also potentially keen!

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Cool, well drop us an instagram DM or summat if you have any time outside that.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



The tot woke halfway through the night. So had a stint on the floor next to his cot. Surprisingly cooler on the floor, but very wooden and uncomfortable

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Magic anxiety meds which make sleep never fail. Occasionally there are benefits to having a broken brain. Very, very occasionally.

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Off to the woods today to find the Gruffalo

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The Gruffalo is soft as shit.

Be careful of The Mouse though.


Woken up at HALF PAST 7 by the fucking builders 2 doors down. Bring back hanging. That was my last night in a four poster bed and I feel like I haven’t slept at all, fuck off builders.

Tried to be productive by trying to get a new provisional licence as mine expired and I was waiting to move house to apply for a new one, but it keeps telling me I’m ineligible without bothering to explain why? And there’s nothing explaining how you renew a provisional licence online… Tried to ring DVLA; nothing. Webchat also gives nothing. Quite fucked off.

Bad start to Saturday.

Edit: twitter suggests just going via the route of renewing a normal driving licence so… here goes nothing I guess

Lads I’m worried I’ve written the biggest punk rock banger in the world. But it might only be ‘quite good’. But still.