A thread for speculating on the layout of the love island villa


We only see the door, hall, dressing room, bedroom and lounge, oh and Sun terrace. So I guess there’s a massive kitcher/diner that crew use and there must be some more bedrooms?

Diagrams welcomed


I reckon there’s probably a pool


That shagging room they send people to


I can’t figure out where the roof terrace is. Above the bedroom? A balcony to the bedroom?


The kitchen is outside


is it even real?


That’s under the stairs as you walk in. That’s on the right past the living room. The bedroom is on the left.


what does it get used for the rest of the year - does another countries version of Love Island just move in once the UK is done?


There is a small villa on site (maybe just outside the front walls?) where the camera crew must be set up and where they sleep and where the doctor and psychologist live.


You can rent out Casa Amor



DIS meat?


“Please note, the interior decoration of the house is distinguished by a number of artworks featuring the female form, often in some detail.”


Good grief…look at the pictures.

Didn’t see all those tits on telly!!!


It’s insane!!!


do the contestants not stay with you in the villa?




I was going to crack something like this but abandoned thinking it was too much of a dad joke :wink:


Request for @Bamnan to Voxel the entire place.


guys it’s Dr Strangeloveisland