A thread for Sunday, October 2nd

Alright? Absolutely pouring with rain here and I have to go to Plymouth for an eye test. Just wanna sit around all morning and eat instead but I cannot :frowning: What’s on the agenda today then?

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Hey hey. Off to the tip in the rain. Nothing more Sunday than that.


Waking up with the sniffles every day recently. Going to have to deepvac the bedroom, which is the absolute last thing I want to spend my day off doing, tbh, tbf.


Think I’m mostly over my cold but now my girlfriend is getting it. We were meant to go to a baby shower today but I think we are going to stay home and rest. Will probably have the London marathon on in the background and tidy the flat.

Morning :wave:

It’s nice and sunny here. Currently sat in bed while Cheekster 2 is in the rabbit enclosure (she hasn’t been there all night, I should clarify).

Going to go to a Heritage Open Day in town where they open up lots of old buildings and have various events. Probably going to have Nandos for lunch.

Slept with my eye mask last night for the first time in ages. Had a really good sleep.

Going to some godzilla town thing today.


I am extremely hungover.

Looking after a teething child till about midday, but then it’s off to a spa hotel for some pampering, delicious food and a (hopefully) excellent night’s sleep!

Feeling v v tired, been up pretty much all night with F as she’s got a cold and so super unsettled. Think i got maybe 2 hours of broken sleep. I also now feel laid up.

Going to continue watching The Office US and drinking a gallon of coffee. Then off to the supermarket at some point to get a calpol plug in thing.


Was gonna go to the beach with the dog but it’s pissing down. But that gives me more time for dnd prep as we’ve got our first session this afternoon, yay! I am extremely unprepared lol

Torn between finding this thread really funny (and the food looks shit in both pics imo), and thinking Rayner is being a bit of a dick putting them on blast:


The most beautiful place in the world on a wet day


Going to play computer games and nap all day

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Just noticed my hairline receding for the first time and feel strangely a little bit sad.

Dunno why, most of the handsome blokes are bald, but, idk, just feels like another signpost on the road of my ever-disappearing youth.

Watching a really bad episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars so I can then listen to a good podcast talk about it

Pissing it down here too. Everyone else slept in, so I got out the power drill and fitted the new cat flap

Just had a coffee and read the papers. Waiting until it warms up a bit and maybe the sun comes out to go for a little bike ride.

Someone wake Billy Joel up


Think I’ll go and get some crispy rolls, square sausage and maybe potato scones too.

On our way home.

Had an excellent time and get the joy of picking up Billy in approx 3 hours. Whoop!


Bought a chair that I can’t afford when I was inebriated last night. Really like it though.