A thread for Sunday

Good morning DiS :wave:

Would like to have a lie in buuuut my brain says no. “Look at draught excluders And keyhole covers” it says. Pffft, fine.

Didn’t buy cake yesterday so will need to buy it today, though I don’t deserve it. I ate approx 50 chicken nuggets last night, which is strange as the box only contained 20.

How are you? :heart:


House is covered in stuff as housemate’s moving van is taking furniture down to Bournemouth today, including the 4 poster bed I’ve been sleeping in for nearly 3 years :sob: and housemate is taking some of her remaining belongings down in her car.

My room is so disorienting

From this

To this

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Goodbye bed, where will you sleep now!?


(morning xxx)

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Morning gorgeous :kiss:

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I’m sleeping in her single bed this week until I move on Monday, and she’s going between here and Dorset for the next week so will sleep on the sofa when she’s about.

So sad to lose my lil fairy light grotto. I wanted a lovely night with a boy in it but sadly the pandemic ruined that plan :frowning:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Alright? Going on a world famous @Scout tour in a couple hours :star_struck: :blush:


I love your furniture and lamp!


:frowning: I’m sorry to hear that pervo. There will be opportunities for other fairy light lit frolics, don’t you worry :heart:


Morning everyone, up and triple screening already :scream: my poor eyes!


Morning everyone!

I woke up briefly at about 5.30, and considered getting up before everyone else to go for a sea swim. Instead I rolled over and went back to sleep for another few hours.

The main plan today is not overheating. There’s a light breeze today which might make that plan more achievable than yesterday

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Not many plans because heat. Will probably way exceed reasonable television time with R and play lots of Paper Mario so I only have to move my thumbs.

Need to figure out some nice dinner too, but that is chat for the Sunday Dinner Thread.

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Don’t you just hate when you put one contact lens in wrong and it annoys you for the rest of the day until you fix it

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'er indoors is still asleep so I’ve snuck downstairs for some peace and quiet. It’s nice.

House across the road behaving itself?

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Yeah for now, although there was some commotion from the house over the road from them (the one that complained about the shouting by… shouting) that woke me up earlier. Nothing exciting, think they’re just people who go through life at 20 dB louder than average.


Been at work since 8. Send help.

Can’t be dealing with that though, or slammers. Best mate’s a slammer. Slamming cupboard doors. No need. Puts me right on edge.

Got woken up by police this morning and I felt like you


You always deserve cake @Witches :blush::kissing_heart:

My friend came over yesterday and she’d made a courgette and orange cake with cream cheese frosting, it was superb. :cucumber::tangerine::cake:

No plans today. Might go for a walk. Would like to do some reading.