A thread for Sunday

What have you done this time Wormit


:smiley: I’m innocent!! Innocent I tell you!!

It was to let them in so they could knock on downstairs flat’s door

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Ooooooo what’s downstairs been doing

I’m definitely going to tidy today

Its happening

He’s the one who was excessively shouting etc and I reported it. They were here yesterday morning as well (though not as early) so good they’re taking it seriously but I don’t think he’s been in??

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Cloudy and breezy here, which is nice after having been BLLLLAAAASSSTTTTEEEEDD by the sun yesterday on my walk


Hey everyone

About to go to a bike with my son but sitting around in my kit waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can hang it then put another load on.

Can’t work out if it’s going to be cool and breezy out there or unbearable heat. Maybe a bit of both

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Morning all!

I was going to go to claim a free drink from a tiny, obscure, local craft brewery but I don’t think I can be bothered today.

I think I’ll be mowing the lawn.

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The Big Spider is still in the bathroom, has made himself right at home behind a bottle of cif.
We had a chat and have come to the conclusion that I won’t startle him if he doesn’t startle me. See no reason why we can’t live in harmony, as long as we both behave respectfully to one another.
Could be quite mutually beneficial, he can eat any flies that come in and in return I’ll provide him with shelter.


And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I feel shit.

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I’ve made friends with our Big Two and I have been rubbish with spiders for a long time. Trying to spend a bit of time around them and get passed stuff cause it’s all on me.

They are eating voraciously.

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R woke up feeling poorly so no Glastonbury Tor today.

Instead I have left him with mrS and me and V , inspired by @AQOS have come to Clevedon. Lovely scenes.


Got some friends trying to make plans to go out for a picnic today. I feel like a dick but seriously it’s too fucking hot.

This is lovely to hear :blush:
They’re good eggs really, but the Big Lads can take you aback a bit. Nice that we’re all building human arachnid relations.


Aw lovely, have fun!

Is there anywhere good along the coast you’d recommend? Portishead was nice but not a patch on Clevedon. Weston is, well, Weston.

I think a flying dinosaur just flew past my house?

I only heard it

do you call them ‘flying dinosaur’? I don’t think it was a pterodactyl but it might have been

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I’m a weird looking man with a weird little head and strange body. Look like a different person depending on the angle I’m viewed at. Weird man go away.

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Waaahhheeeyy :partying_face: another assignment submitted.
One more to do by Tuesday and then I am Romeo Dunn :grin: and I can bore you all by moaning about something else, as a treat