A thread for talking about sleep

I’ve become really interested in sleep recently as I’ve tried to get into more positive sleep habits (with mixed results) this year.

Tell me about your sleep : do you worry about it? Has it changed through your life? Have you tried anything to improve your sleep life (got myself a lumie™ light which seems to have helped)?


Not the band Sleep, though if you want to post anything by them then that’s cool too.

Have learnt to survive on less of it since becoming a parent. Always been good on little sleep, but Christ, nothing prepares you for your lack of sleep once you’re a parent.


bad at sleeping these days, don’t get to sleep until 2-3am most nights. Always wake up feeling really tired and sick too like my head is all stuffed up

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I used to think I slept really well but recently I’m not so sure. I get off to sleep pretty easily but I think I wake 3-4 times a night to go to the toilet.

This week I’ve been using the smart function on my Fitbit that is meant to wake you up at the better time during your sleep cycle so you’re not so tired but I keep waking up before it and then falling asleep again.

get about 5 hours a night on average. 6-7 would be amazing. sometimes it’s about 3 or 4. very occasionally I just don’t sleep.

been shit at it my whole life as my poor parents and former partners will attest.

Im a morning person so sleep never been all that important to me. However, i get enough since im normally in bed before 10, up at 4am. when i do to go bed im normally out like a light.

Always trying to get more - my partner’s sleep patterns and mine are really different which has been a hurdle but we’re better at just doing whatever we each feel like now. In an ideal world I’d be in bed by 10-1030 and asleep by 11, in practice I’m in bed by 11.30 most nights. Have always been an early rise and definitely go through phases of not being able to sleep at all which is a big trigger for my anxiety.

I use earplugs for sleep now which has made a massive improvement and will have melatonin every now and again - often on a Sunday night when I know that the dread will keep me up all night and ruin my week.

My bf has just got a weighted blanket as he sleeps badly. He says it seems to be helping. I tried it but it was too heavy for me. Supposed to be 10% of your body weight apparently so not surprising as he’s a lot bigger!

Reckon I get 5.5-6.5 hours on average, between 1am and 7am or so. Once I’m awake, that’s it, find it nearly impossible to get back to sleep. Should get more really but I’m ok on it for the most part.

Yeah this is often what does for me to. Think it’s part of getting older, damn my aging bladder!

Yeah this basically.

I sleep poorly because I like having some child free time after she goes to bed to be an adult and remember that I’m not just a facilitator for a goblin demon’s life. That leads me to make stupid decisions like binge a TV series or make an elaborate meal and eat stupidly late. Usually get about 6 hours if I’m lucky but really starting to feel the effect of that now.

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I’m a fucker for not being able to get back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night. Will always take me 90 mins or so.

Can’t get to sleep easily anymore unless I am dead tired and fall asleep before 8pm along with R’s bedtime. Think it is all a really horrible twisted web of anxiety and self-sabotage to blame.

Function poorly on anything less than 7 hours uninterrupted, have always seemed to need lots of sleep. Unless I am out I always nod off for a bit in the afternoon as well, just cannot stay awake (this part has nothing to do with not being able to get to sleep at night, as there is no correlation between naps and the bad nights).

I don’t sleep enough cos I like staying up late but I worry about it affecting my health

Been having very vivid sad dreams for the first time in my life lately. Including going to jail, my actions resulting in someone dying, and trying to calm down a very irate laundry cleaner who somehow lived in a carpark. They’re making my entire days sad thereafter.

Chronic health problems fuck up sleep and hot flashes make it worse. I’m finally getting about 4.5 to 5 hours of actual rest these days, but really need a bed and decent mattress.
The pain issues were interfering with sleep so much that I started using cbd edibles. Really helpful but ridiculously expensive. Still better than sleeping pills.

I got given a Fitbit for christmas but it’s stressing me out a bit because even getting 8 and a half hours of sleep one night last week it only classified as ‘good’

average about 4-5 hours so I was hoping it would bully me into better habits

they suck, don’t they. feel really weird and sad for days after too. always get them when I’m going through a stressful period for the double whammy.

one recurring one I get is piloting a plane really dangerously, between buildings and mountains, crashing it, and me being the only survivor.

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I love sleep so much. I don’t get as much as I would like, and it’s always disrupted nowadays thanks to kid and dog, but I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep pretty well and can get back to sleep easily. This seems to be true no matter how stressed I am, which is helpful because I’m regularly under a lot of stress.