A thread for talking about sleep

Always felt incredibly jealous and angry about people who can just decide to have a sleep and then fall asleep. Dickheads


My wife is a neuroscientist and studied the circadian clock - unsurprisingly my sleep habits have improved enormously since we met! Have found the biggest issue with getting to sleep to be screen time before bed, so try to read a book for at least half an hour before I want to go to sleep.

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I sleep better since I had M whichbus really saying something about how bad my insomnia has been whole life. I struggle do much with sleep, have hallucinogenic sleep paralysis, severe insomnia then come morning I can sleep so well but obviously I have to get upsns it so hard for me that I’ve lost a few jobs because of if.

I use lush sleep spray on my pillows, and keep my room tidy and uncluttered, charge or leave phone in another room, read before bed instead of TV, have a set bedtime, use some of the sleep meditations on Insight…and it works really well. Except the second I get to sleep M wake me then I have to start over. But it’s a damn sight better than it used to be getting to sleep. It’s the staying asleep that’s taken over as my main issue.

I read that the set bedtime is probably the key to success.

Also I have a destructive approach to it, the whole ‘this is my free time, I must stay awake’ mentality which means that even though I have a routine that really helps I often choose not to do it.

I basically lose my mind if I don’t get enough sleep (6hrs or below, basically). One day I can usually handle, but consecutive nights and I become completely irrational.

Generally though I’m pretty good - in bed by 10:30 at the latest, alarm at 6 or 6:30 morning run dependent. I feel tired a lot but I think that’s mainly from my terrible diet.

But - I’m a really light sleeper, and I struggle with getting back to sleep. Once I’m awake, my brain kicks in, with thoughts and things I need to do and loops of bits of songs. I’m frequently up at weekends an hour or two before my partner from this.

Usually if it’s pre-6am I can at least get back to snoozing, but sometimes something will wake me up and I won’t be able to and it’ll be absolutely unbearable. Had to take a half day sick a few weeks ago because something woke me up at 2:30am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Eventually managed it at 8am(!), probably because I’d had four hours sleep and couldn’t function anymore.

Used to be able to drop off with no trouble at all and sleep through like a baby, but that changed after my wife was very ill two years ago. At the time my sleep was terrible, it’s a lot better now but I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep, morbid thoughts and general unfocussed dread about things. I wake up a lot more in the night these days too. Still better than when the kids were tiny though, man, you don’t know tired until you have a baby.

i have a fractured relationship with sleep.

Currently averaging about 6 hours a night, will be up once through the night for a pee.

Getting much better at going to my bed earlier and reading for a while but the minute the light goes out a million things start buzzing through my head.
Sometimes i get up and read more, sometimes i get up and watch something and on occasion i have gotten up, changed and gone for a walk in the middle of the night.

I also sometimes get sleep paralysis, which sucks.

Although when i’m exercising more consistently i definitely sleep better.

I can cope on 6-8 hours of sleep but I rarely feel fully rested unless I’ve had 9+ hours (although 11+ hours tends to make me feel headachey). Obviously don’t often sleep 9+ hours a night but there are few things better :sparkling_heart: if I really can’t get to sleep I’ll read Norwegian Wood until I’m too tired to keep going but that’s pretty rare - it’s waking up that I really struggle with.

The biggest hindrance to me sleeping well is if I don’t have one really firm pillow. hotel pillows are a total nightmare for me, I don’t understand how anyone can get good kip on a thin squishy pillow or how having more than one pillow doesn’t just strain your neck.


Probably average between 5-6 hours.
Once in a while I will fall asleep at 7pm putting the kids to bed and get about 10 hours and it’s great.
Love waking at about 3am and being all “yes, I have another 3 or 4 hours more sweet, sweet sleep”. Went on some meds once where I just went to sleep and then would just wake up to my alarm, and felt like I had only just closed my eyes and it was the absolute worst.
Not a fan of people who take ages to wake up in the morning and need 2-3 hours to ‘come to’ before they stop being ratty. Get a grip!

It’s the waking up I struggle with. I’m a heavy sleeper, so sleep through alarms and stuff. I have about 6-7 hours a day, but still feel exhausted.

No problems getting to sleep at all.

would argue that 6 hours is not enough. Want 7-8 really

Would love a bit of sleep rn ngl

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I am a good sleeper. Became the “put the kid down” person when we were new parents. Last night though I couldn’t sleep at all, and when I did briefly all I kept having was nightmares where I am sitting in on a disaster, like a plane crash or a boat sinking, and I’m there to help the people who are going to die feel okay and hold their hands. Was fucking awful.

Was thinking the other night whilst struggling to get to sleep why nobodies bothered redesigning the bed. Seems a bit old fashioned just lying down and covering yourself up with a blanket. Why don’t we have Alien style sleep-pods by now?

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Am mostly good at getting to sleep quickly, although this has got worse with age.

As has waking up early: i did most of the night feeds which has conditioned me to wake up at the slightest sound, and i find it very hard to force myself back to sleep for a lie-in these days.

On recent trip to Austria was sleeping for 9-10 hours a night which was absolutely wonderful.

Probably get around 7 hours most nights - could do with an extra half hour tbh

Had really bad sleep issues for years, which resulted in loads of days off sick from work and generally feeling awful and out of it.

Went to the doctor’s about it at the start of last year and there was underlying depression and anxiety so I got prescribed Citalopram and slept pretty well since.

Have been off the Citalopram for 8 days now and sleeping pretty well (though always and forever a light sleeper), so fingers crossed. I guess I’ll go back on it if those old trends start appearing again.

Also, dunlopillo

I struggle with that too. Need that alone time to decompress. If I fall asleep without getting that time then I am just doubly strained the next day. Trying to make some sort of spring analogy but it isn’t working.

As long as I have a tv or a podcast on I sleep great, cant sleep in silence. Sleep great in cold weather, struggle a bit in summer.

Any chance you have a recommendation for a good firm pillow? I keep buying supposedly firm ones and they are rubbish and pancake in no time.

Like a firm pillow on top of a soft one so I can kind of put my shoulder underneath it.

DUNLOPILLO although £££s

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