A thread for talking about sleep

Bless you


I have a weird anxiety when i wake up. It’s as if i dream i’m ill, and when i start coming round i tell myself i’m groggy. Even sometimes text in sick, then an hour or two later i get up and i’m fine. Does feel partly physical, but some days i force myself out of bed and once i’ve got some fluids and had a shower i’m absolutely fine. It’s a bit like how hangovers are largely mental and if you just push yourself they (mostly) go away. Might just be that i’m just bone-idle. Don’t think i’ve got up before 9am for over two years.

Yeah, many £££ for something I haven’t tried out :grimacing:

Though maybe the investment would be worth it if I didn’t have to keep buying new pillows.

This might be an odd question, but how do they sound? I imagine they could sound really odd under your ear being made of latex as that is something that does have a ‘soft’ sound.

cuddle my second pillow


Federica, Ragenhild, or Pinga if R gives him to me :+1:

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There’s no sound as far as I can tell. Basically the pillow feels like a normal firm pillow but it never deflates, so there’s never any sagging or needing to plump it up. I appreciate it’s a lot of money for a pillow for anyone, but if pillows are something you’re struggling with it might be worth saving up for.


Anyone tried a cooling mattress topper?

Between one of those, a weighted blanket and a dunlopillo, I might achieve sleep perfection.

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Weighted blanket is good then? Really would like one of those too.

Yeah, it’s nice, but it’s a bit awkward to shift about in the night. Maybe better for relaxing/getting to sleep but now my duvet feels weird without it.

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Generally get to bed sometime between midnight and 1am, wake up by my wife telling me to get out of bed just after 7am. I do okay with it, would always happily snooze another hour or more but I can cope with it. Often tell myself as I struggle out of bed that today is the today I get an early night and enjoy a full 8 hour sleep, then evening rolls around and the idea of going to bed at 10.30pm just appalls me, it would give me no time to myself, so I watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives repeats and fuck around on Twitter for another couple of hours. Very healthy!

I think I’ve already posted further up possibly, but my bf has just got a weighted blanket. I found it uncomfortably heavy and impossible to sleep under, but he heard it’s supposed to be 10% of your weight, so the one he got is ok for him but almost twice what i would need.

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If I ever get one I’ll bear the correct weight in mind. Perk of being alone I guess that I can find what is comfortable for me, I always hear rubbish sleep when I was sharing a bed.

Bonus for me is that it’s far too heavy for 'er indoors so there’s good bants to be had from covering her in it then going away and making a cup of tea.


I’ve always been really lucky that most of the time I can drop off to sleep pretty much straight away when I go to bed. I feel like I could do with an extra half an hour in bed most mornings these days though - I thought you were meant to need less as you got older?

Oh yeah can only sleep with headphones on

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I am available for hire at a very competitive rate.


In bed at ~10:30pm, alarm set for 6:45am - normally wake up before this though.

I am pretty good at falling asleep. Will normally be able to sleep right through if something isn’t playing on my mind. But if it is, all bets are off.

Genuinely wonder reading this and from talking to people irl if anyone sleeps well. I mean the ideal should be drifting off a soon as you get into bed then sleeping all the way through until just before the alarm goes off and feeling wide awake and refreshed at that point. Not sure anyone actually does this, though.

Kudos to all the parents struggling with poor sleep - it does eventually become a distant memory. I totally used to do the “staying up late for some me time” thing - seems crazy with hindsight but there were other reasons at the time why I was reluctant to go to bed

I usually sleep pretty well, but I can’t really do “early nights” - that will just end in me staring at the ceiling way later than I would have done if i’d stayed up till a more typical time for me.

:seedling: really helps me sleep through the night too. A few years back I started walking up in the night needing the loo. Doesn’t really happen anymore and I’ve not even wet the bed as a result

I’m generally OK as long as I get 6 hours, and can deal with a bit less. since going back to work this month it’s not been great though as I get up at 6 and have been staying up way past midnight far too regularly. someone at work said on Friday that I looked and seemed really tired all week, which was very accurate as I was.

seem to be sleeping longer on weekend mornings recently too, probably due to getting less sleep during the week.