A thread for the day named after Thor

Are you going to be welding any large magical hammers today? Me neither

No exciting plans for the day just yet, but it’s still early




Going into office. If I can’t get on the wifi again I am gonna be PISSED!!11

Morning Rob, all,

I want to go for my morning walk but I went for a run yesterday and for the second time in about a week, tripped on my shoelace and took a lovely long gouge out of my right knee. Still pretty juicy this morning so I’m not particularly keen to put any long trousers over it for a while.

So instead so far it’s coffee and doomscrolling - might pick up a crossword or something instead of reading the news/Twitter.

No plans other than work, but I might have a bit of a think about a holiday to take in April.

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We’re off on holiday in April. We’re going fossil hunting in Lyme Regis. Recommended if you have a six year old.



Late shift today. Getting my Barnet chopped in a bit. That’s about it really.

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Sounds pretty fun for me too to be honest!

got some real wet snow on the go here

Mornin all.

Dog walk and bike ride this morning.

Going the football tonight.

That is all.

Should I do the work I have to do but really don’t want to do

  • Get on it, you’re still in your probation period
  • Nah, what’s the worst that could happen

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So i probably have tonsillitis. I didn’t realise things like headaches and sweats were symptoms until just looking it up this morning. Only have an ache right where the tonsils are now but still pretty painful. Might pop and get a throat spray

Morning all!

The Child spent most of the night coughing so I’ve had about three hours of unbroken sleep.

There’s a man coming to start the job of fixing the broken series of fuses and wiring in my house and I’m meant to be teaching in-person today but have already cancelled that.

Today is going to be a strange day.

Got a day off. Gonna go to the cinema and have a nice lunch.

Amusing joke about my large magical hammer

Realisation that life is a cold cruel place

Sad adieu

First meeting isn’t till 11 so been out for a 4 mile run. Felt weirdly guilty but fuck it, was good to get out and saw lots of geese.


Gonna chat to a potential new therapist in a mo

Got an interview at 3, only half an hour and I think it will be fairly informal

Absolutely awful, awful sleep. Gutted.

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In work, just realised Ive put my hand in my mouth without washing it since being on the train. Stressful.

solidarity like. Stress dreams throughout the few hours I was asleep, and wide awake at 4:45. Great.

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Dropped my car off at the garage this morning so now waiting to find out just how much money I don’t have it’s going to cost. Got a busy but not stressful day at work though, which is the best kind.