A thread for the evening of Monday June 10th

Hi folks! It’s proper stormy down here, huge thunder rolls and lightning and that. Made some pork belly tacos so having them and watching Pioneer Woman, that’s probably it for the evening, I’m wiped after a long day and not much sleep last night. Whatcha upto then?

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Travelling in time?

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Evening Mr F

It’s raining here too. Today was meant to be the day we gave Jimbo his late birthday present of a pedal bike but that’s been out off while it’s wet. The only problem is that it’s hiding place is the boot of my car and I’m meant to be picking up a new car the day after tomorrow.

Stir fry for dinner.

No idea what you mean :wink:

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lovely evening up here, was tempted to go our for a beer in the sun but decided against it. just had some dinner and gonna watch more killing eve.

wanna get to my scratcher sharp so i can get up sharp and go for a run.

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Home alone as everyone has gone on the holiday I booked and then couldn’t go on as am on a 2 day training session starting tmrw. Durrr!!
So gonna have a few drinks and that and basically

Need to be up at 5ish but no way am I wasting free time for stupid sleep!


Probably going to lie out here drinking Radler and talking to the goats until I fall asleep and get eaten alive by insects tbqfh.


Having a Burger King for dinner😔

Now off to Brixton for Bikini Kill.


I got absolutely drenched on the way home

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Butchering a Spanish omlette :frowning: It caught on the pan and is a bit overdone now.

Had a haircut earlier and did a big Aldi shop. Early to bed and back to work after a 4 day weekend

Jealous of both of those things.

No HGWIR today @AQOS?

Don’t worry, everyone, I am here, it’s just Monday and I’m not in the mood.

Not got enough festivals planned this summer. Simultaneously, we only have a few weekends free. Now, at the same time as all that, that gnome moreso than I, but only by a small amount, would like to see that 1975. I’ve found about 4 potential festivals, all of whic clash with a festival in Reading that a Friend is curating. There’s actually a 5th festival, but the fiancée of said curator friend has invited thay gnome on her hen do that weekend. Basically, I’m lookong at Open’er, which has the weakest line up, Pohoda, which has the benefit of being in Slovakia, where I’ven’t been, Mad Cool, which was apparently really badly organised last year, and NOS Alive, where that 1975 aren’t even playing, but Robyn is, so wgas?

Anyone got any experience with any of these festivals?


shite completely forgot about it

had a bollocks of a day but we’ll double up the tvs and the musics tomorrow hun.

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Yeah why the fuck not. Hope your evening improves bbz.

Went out in very substantial rain to get chocolate. I very mich dislike rain and have been trying so hard to not eat rubbish, so that should give some indication of how not great I feel tonight.

In south London and the weather is absolutely abysmal. Hiding from doing work in the hotel gym which is about the size of my bedroom. Pool looks nice though so I might go and sit in the jacuzzi for a bit.

Pretty excited about these guys


This reminds me of those time when I get past the point of no return, only to discover I’ve missed out a key ingredient.

aye I’m feeling super now, ta. might start the thread now tbf what’s stopping me?

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