A thread for the evening of Monday June 10th

aye I’m feeling super now, ta. might start the thread now tbf what’s stopping me?

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Some people say that technology is ruining our lives but I just watched Makosi from Big Brother 6 get her eyebrows threaded on Instagram


Been a bit quiet today. Taking stock of things.

Bought a pizza base and was planning to make one but got home and tbh just didn’t feel like it.

Sorry, don’t mean to be so down.

How do we know your bedroom isn’t the size of a normal gym?

going to Corby tomorrow

hope you feel better soon :hugs:


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You carry on. I’m judging myself in every language rn

where in Spain are you? (i have reviewed your shopping picture)

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Hope you’re ok tilty, remember the MH thread is there if you need it, and my DMs are always open if you (or anyone else) needs a chat or a vent.

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@Scout a woman on killing eve just used the word cunny :smiley: (s2e4)

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Got a judgmental look from the cashier for buying a 6 pack of chapatis and a bottle of Kahlua. On yer bike mate.

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Had to put socks on and am under a blanket. Where is my summer?

Had some mushroom pasta stuff for tea, was ok.

evening all

got some new work shoes on Sunday, wore them for the first time today and have of course destroyed my feet. had to use four (4) blister plasters to patch them up when I got home, great stuff. but then my old work shoes would 100% have let water in today so would have got soaked feet instead. oh well.

think this evening I’m mostly going to sit down with my feet up

:woman_shrugging: You’ll have to take my word for it. I’d take a picture of the teeny gym but there’s two others in here and it might look a bit odd.

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scotlands lovely @laelfy so more fool you :man_shrugging: (too windy to be outside much but a nice day from behind glass, as my gran used to say)

Tuna spaghetti, ep 4 of Chernobyl, unpack from London, try to plan ahead for gigs and film fest and errr. That’ll do I spose

I know, when I left this morning it was beautiful so I didn’t bother with a coat or brolly :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

Stir fry is off the menu for tonight because I bought the wrong sort of veg, so I made a trip to Sainsbury’s for replacement dinner and might have picked up so Gu puddings too

2 for £4 in 'trose rn

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