A thread for the evening of Monday, the 3rd of January

Alright? Feeling a bit run down after my booster, and got a pretty sore arm. Jacket potatoes with cheese & beans for tea and a load of Seinfeld. Work in the morning but surprisingly dread-free for now.


Evening :wave:

Yeah, I don’t feel too dready. Checked my emails and there’s been hardly anything over the Christmas period (rather than the 300+ emails that would await me after a normal week off).

Was weirdly comforting to make an eat a regular midweek meal (Quorn sausages and pasta and sauce). Gonna continue re-watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and have a cuppa.

Alright. A bit dready so been doing loads of life admin stuff today. Binned the Christmas tree which felt great. Dal on the hob, about to shove a pile of poppadoms and geetas down me throat, so not all bad.

Normal episodes of OC and UC back tonight thank the lord


Alright! Tough day with the kiddo but we got out the house for a bit which was nice. Really exhausted though. Gonna watch some Friday Night Lights while he sleeps and then gear up for another tricky night :crazy_face:

DiSers, I’m in the market for a new jumper:

  • ideally not woollen as they make me overheat
  • but thick/chunky enough for wearing at home when it’s cold in the day
  • ideally a plain pattern or at least something that would look inconspicuous on a Teams call

Something like this, but I need a size L and they don’t have one:

Still haven’t seen The Happiest Season ffs

  • It’s too late now, save for next Christmas
  • It will be just as enjoyable now as at proper Christmas time, fuck it

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Fat Face normally have quite a good sale

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Hard to vote as it’s not great, unfortunately

Is it at least, entertaining?

We started watching Single All The Way with my parents and it was bad but not even in a fun way. Boring, dnf

Oh maybe you’ll like it then because I loved SATW.

I just have a hard time with unlikeable protagonists in rom-coms and iirc, whoever plays opposite KStew is quite unlikeable.

Got a £20 river island giftcard. What shall I buy with it. Not sure on their sizing at all so I’ll probably end up getting accessories/socks/boots - the good old reliable fat friendly purchase.

Hang up smalls✔️
Run commissions for the early deadline tomorrow✔️
Replace my hard drive with an SSD✔️
Nip to tesco✔️
Take bottles down banktown✔️
Wash up✔️
Make korma and bhuna✔️


Had pasta bake with some long stem broccoli for dinner. Was fine

Going to finish the Tourist I reckon tonight.

Not sure whether to go one last :wine_glass: as it’s teacher training tomorrow so it doesn’t matter if I’m not fully ‘on it’


Went on a nice long walk with some friends and kids. Then dinner at theirs. Was good. One is a psychiatrist and one is a counsellor so I’m always a bit


Ran a 10k in the freezing rain earlier, feel like it did a good job of keeping away the dreads but I had the itchiest thighs when showering afterwards. Chill blains?

Homemade soup for tea, trying to get the wains to bed at a reasonable hour, but just want to watch Only Connect and then go to bed.

Had a really irksome day at work. Properly pissed me off. Got a beer and about to watch The Tourist

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I’m drinking in the pub celebrating having finished my (now) old job. Yeah! (Also a bit tired and will be going home soon)

Love the chaotic energy of that Stewart Lee list that everyone’s talking about

Seems like he wrote all the female acts in red for some reason but then missed a bunch of them?

Still though, you started the day with a Kingfisher so that’s nae bad.

Feel like going out for a belter along the river tomorrow, but dunno if can really be bothered

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