A thread for the evening



Hello, how are you?

I’m hungover and feeling like a failure as a human/grown-up. Yay!

Here is a picture of a fluffy penguin baby:


Hello wr! Have you got a case of the booze blues going on?

I’m just back from the launch of a film festival here. Found out a short film I did the soundtrack for is being shown in addition to a performance I’m putting on during the festival. Happy with that.

Going to cook dinner and then maybe go to an improv gig. Might start writing some more articles instead.


Hey ho. Massive headache all day which may or may not be improved when we go to see Moderat later. Nice penguin!


I’ve spent all day thinking about this skunk who got his head stuck in a can and the man nice enough to brave being sprayed to save him


Booze blues, autumn blues, work blues, etc.

What film festival is it? There’s a big one starting here next weekend called Films From the South which I’ve managed to get a press pass for even though I’m technically not really press, so hopefully seeing a lot of films here:



went for a proper walk around oxford for the first time and I love it… made me want to pick up my copy of his dark materials when I go to my parents next time. gonna go buy a bike tomorrow and explore more.

feeling so blessed :princess:


Good evening everyone


I’m about to go out for dinner. This happens v rarely


yo yo


I’ve been dodging the booze blues the last few days but the Autumn (Winter I) blues are starting to kick in.

This is the festival on here:

An independent film and music festival. I haven’t even looked at the bloody program yet actually, must check what’s happening!


Evening all. I’m on the bus to the airport and have a few nerves that I haven’t left enough time to there :neutral_face:


Evening all. I’m back at work tomorrow, four days after having a wisdom tooth out. (“Getting the worst bit of the week out of the way early?” the dentist said, about half an hour before he had to take a breather from the hardest thing he’ll hope to do this week.) Been back home ever since, and today was the first day of proper food. It felt goooooooood.


Turns out I’m not just tired, I’m actually ill. Whelp.

Mostly going to be lying down this evening.


Gonna watch hollyoaks and then listen to the new Conor Oberst album


Evening all!

Went to Nandos with work people but I’ve slipped away as I don’t fancy any post dinner drinks. I know that there’s very little love for Nandos on here but the food was actually fine for the price.

I think that former “Lotto Lout” Michael Carroll is on my train. Would make sense as he lives only a few miles from me.


Ah shit. Do you know what’s wrong?


Hello fellow Welsh/Scandi girl :two_hearts:


Hello mits! How are you? <3


just read a child was abducted and raped really near my house yesterday

why are people so horrible :frowning2:


Hey mits!