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I’m not profk but, I have bought some squaffles from sainsbos, they were fine. I have a spiralizer which I use to make courgetti which I quite like. Haven’t had boodles though.


:smiley: no way . i wasn’t even quite sure if they were real.


Never really eaten squash and though “wish this could be thinner”. It’s all about the chunkiness.

  • Courgetti
  • Squaffles
  • Boodles
  • adpiofshb;fdbsg;kb;dfjn

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They’re pretty chunky if I recall. The picture on the packet is misleading.


what are boodles made from? I’m too stupid to work it out


boo-utternet squash-dles




Squaffle definitely sounds rude, right?


Definitely seems like something that would be a category on Fet Life.


The end of society honestly can’t come soon enough.


sounds quite tory. darling, weren’t we supposed to squaffle tonight?


what are boodles made of?


You’ll have to buy me a vegetable based dinner with a poor pun name first!!!


dunno mate


I wonder if the absolutist ethical arbiters of DiS would deem boo-utternut squash ruffles to be ok to steal if you were starving.

  • Nutritious, delicious, understandable
  • More of a pine nuts/hair gel frivolity

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just googled it, also butternut squash, bugs me they put less effort into the name of that one


have you got a better suggestion?


Oh let’s all mock foods that allow diabetics to have approximations of foods we can all enjoy.

Yeah I went there.