A thread for the new episodes/film/whatevers of Gilmore Girls

Trailer is out, talk about it if you want:

It always bothered me how the series ended with Rory going off to report on the Obama campaign when she blatantly never would have been able to find work in politics/journalism with her criminal record from stealing the boat with Logan

Maybe that will be addressed in these new ones and she actually didn’t do that after all?

Can we also undo all of Lane’s storylines from the last series?

That looked kind of awful but also made me grin massively.

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Can’t even remember what happened with Lane tbh, hope they’re less racist with her Mum whatever happens though…

That’s pretty much the story of Rory’s life through the whole programme though, isn’t it?

Mediocre person has other people pull strings, swing favours and gift money to them to give them a leg up.

Same. The way it’s filmed is a bit weird. Still enjoyed it though.

edit: thought i’d done a thread on this, soz. think it was on THE OLD BOARDS? maybe just deja vu idk

let’s all get JUSTICE FOR LANE KIM tshirts made


Seventeen (or so) days to go!